My Journal Number 4 is published

My fourth journal providing detailed accounts of my life as a perverted dominant wife is now published in various formats. Here are the links generated so far: paperback Epub version

Kindle US,

Kindle UK,

Kindle DE,      Kindle FR,     Kindle ES,      Kindle IT,

Links to my other published journals.

Link to my published short stories.

14 thoughts on “My Journal Number 4 is published

  1. Dear Mistress Scarlett Thank You so so much for Your wonderful blog i feel i have become very much addicted to Your writtings having purchased all 5 of Your publications from kindle i see myself doing little else these coming months as the nights begin to draw in other than reading Your wonderful episodes, how envious i am and how lucky bitch boy may be ,i can only dream of living such a wonderful lifestyle .Thank You so much for sharing tales of Your lifestyle with us,my deepest regards

  2. Thank you Mistress Scarlett, I enjoyed reading that very much.

    Is it just my impression, or are you allowing bitch boy to orgasm less and less as time goes on? I seem to recall he found it very difficult, and yet you seem to be pushing him ever further. I would be very scared in his position!

  3. Congratulations Ms Scarlet. Paula will be advised to purchase a copy immediately. You have inspired me to build my own blog as you know which is getting quite mature now. Whilst I have had a few blips along the way and a very busy summer…its nice to be back in the fold again and gathering my FemDom thoughts to press on in this wonderful lifestyle.

    Well done and good luck to you Ms Scarlet.

    The Mistress Wants

    1. As you can see from his answers, there are some painful treatments he undergoes he most definitely would wish to cease. That won’t happen though! I just seem to be getting worse in what arouses and amuses me.

  4. Dear Mistress Scarlet, I enjoyed this so much it was wonderful. The new maid’s rules and BB’s new GF were sublime. Please tell, how is BB getting along with both of these new aspects in his life? I presume they’ve been continued?

    1. The new maid’s rules are used often and result in punishment on top of punishment. Compliance is delightful and failure means delivering harsh punishment, so a win-win.

      His new GF has not been used often as I have become a little obsessed with serious bondange and dickie-discipline in the run up to any of his sexual relief events.

  5. Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    i would like to let you know that it only took me 2 days to read your Journal 4.
    From all FemDom literature I have read so far. From famous names like Carmanica Diaz and FEMDOMCAVE or EROTIC BOOK NETWORK and PINK FLAMINGO. From Authors like Tanya Simmonds, King Key, Rose Thornwell, Patrick Richards, Faith Cummings, Gregory Allen, G F Green, and many many more – YOU ARE THE BEST!


  6. Mistress Scarlet,

    Thank you for sharing your journals and your blog. I have read everything you have posted and I am simply in awe. I know you warn us all the time to be careful what we wish for, but I can’t help longing to trade places with BB, even if for just a day!

    I am curious about a couple of things, and would be honored if you would take the time to reply:

    1. BB seems to spend a lot of time worshipping, cleaning, and being degraded at your shoes. Do you ever insist he worship your bare feet? Is this something you enjoy?

    2. Did you incorporate the Olympics into your life/lifestyle? I can only imagine some of the “events” BB would have been entered into?

    3. I recently saw a Japanese video (sorry, I can’t find the link) where the male-dom used some kind of a squeeze bottle type thing to force his pee up his slave-girl’s nose. She didn’t seem to like it and of course coughed quite a bit as it went down her throat. I’m sure BB would “love” it.

    Thank you again for sharing so much with all of us. I only wish you published your journals more frequently (or that I could trade places with BB!).

    All the best,

    1. 1. I prefer the extra degredation that he has to kiss footwear rather than the more intimate act of the fleask of my feet.

      2. I did not think to do that. I probably should have!

      3. Hmmmmmmm.

      1. Ms. Scarlet,

        Thank you for your reply. I actually think the worst torture would not being able to kiss your feet. Having them withheld would be almost “cruel and unusual” punishment.

        Speaking of feet, do you ever punish BB’s feet? Either caning them or roasting them? It is quite painful and certainly leaves a reminder with every step.

        Do you and BB partake of vanilla activities? Movies, sports, etc?

        I hope you have having a great week,

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