Monthly Archives: September 2012

High Praise Indeed

I received the comments below from Submissiveservant and Armando and just had to post them. These comments are rewarding to receive given the amount of work that goes into my journals. Thank you Submissiveservant and Armando.

Hello Mistress Scarlet,

i would like to let you know that it only took me 2 days to read your Journal 4. From all FemDom literature I have read so far. From famous names like Carmanica Diaz and FEMDOMCAVE or EROTIC BOOK NETWORK and PINK FLAMINGO.  From Authors like Tanya Simmonds, King Key, Rose Thornwell, Patrick Richards, Faith Cummings, Gregory Allen, G F Green, and many many more – YOU ARE THE BEST!


This is absolutely right! Your Journals and Stories are well written, compelling and so deliciously wicked that you put the writings of the authors named above to shame.