Hard weekend (for him!)

Saturday began with a padlocked on leather collar which stayed on until Sunday afternoon, then , first chore, a feather duster clean of all ceilings and walls. It took him around 4o minutes. He was caned for the imperfections. Then it was dusting every surface. It took him around an hour. He was caned for the imperfections. Then it was vacuuming the whole house. When he had finished, I led him around on a leash connected to his penis piercing and inspected his work. He had to eat each tiny item of detritus I found. He was caned twice for each of the nine items of detritus. He was very sore now and sobbed through the caning. He made my lunch and knelt on the coir matting, sucking a dildo stuck to the window, while I ate my lunch.

Then it was almost two hours of ironing. He was caned for every crease, 19 in all. He was very, very sore now and sobbed bitterly through the caning. I then chained him to the toilet, wrists cuffed behind back, and left him there until bedtime. At bedtime he slept on the floor in my room.

Sunday involved over three hours of total sensory deprivation bondage, utterly immobile, no sounds or vision and gagged. He remained so bound while I had some fun with my electricity box on his clitty.

I had many wonderful orgasms during the weekend and he was due relief – which he got, at the end of my electrical fun. A perfect life.

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19 Responses to Hard weekend (for him!)

  1. graceshubby says:

    Sounds like a subs dream come true!

  2. Respect yourself ffs says:

    I have read through a significant amount of the content on here and even was intrigued enough to read the first of the four publications based on the diary of events.
    I have to say I feel particularly uneasy about what I have learned about other people’s consciences and where I have found myself.
    First let me outline how I arrived here. Although the sentiments portrayed here are beyond what I would say I subscribe to I do accept that there are overlaps. I am an admirer of aesthetics and think cruel women can be sexy, I hold the belief that women can be worshipped as things of beauty and that much of the fashion associated with fetishism is stunning but I find the concept of ‘female supremacy’ erroneous and I don’t fantasise about being hit with a whip.
    I have clearly wandered away from the things that I am ‘into’ but felt compelled to address a number of issues that have arisen from reading the material on this site.

    First and foremost I am concerned that there might be a vulnerable person at the centre of all this who is being taken advantage of. I understand completely that what happens between consenting adults behind closed doors is their business, but I am curious to know where mistress scarlet considers the line of acceptability lays and at what point does one become a degenerate?
    There are a number of sycophants on here and I’m certain to go against the grain but reading the evidence that has been put forward on here and within that first publication I would suggest some distinct lack of moral conscience.
    From what I can gather the husband of mistress scarlet is a submissive who to a greater or lesser extent expressed a desire to be treated badly, that’s all well and good but in a recent post allegedly written by him answering a number of questions put to him on here about his feelings regarding his treatment and the position he finds himself in he clearly suggests that things have gone beyond what he was comfortable with. Add to the equation that by mistress Scarlett’s own account, her (and other’s) treatment of him have got progressively worse over a decade and that it was ‘too late’ to go back now and that he was ‘trapped’.
    Of course there’s nothing more queer than folk, and one might suggest that he can make his own mind up about whether to stay or go, but then the same could be said regarding ‘battered wives’
    Within civilised societies there are safeguards and laws of the land to protect people from being taken advantage of, I have read suggestion of potential blackmail, coercion/ manipulation and false imprisonment and all this could be carried out to a person who may be emotionally and mentally vulnerable, is this deemed acceptable simply due to it being carried out on a male, or because the perpetrators get off sexually from it?
    That in itself could be considered sexual deviancy.
    I’m incredulous on a number morality issues regarding what might be happening here, not least that a grown man has let his pride be eroded to such an extent that he lets opportunists, who believe their own lot is improved by the devaluing of somebody else’s, get away with it all.
    What gets me most of all however is the general mentality of the female sex (it seems the whole female section of the family and friends show the same trait), who perhaps down to their own insecurities invariably want to see the male on his knees physically and metaphorically.
    I read that mistress Scarlett’s first impressions of her future husband was of his common curtesy towards her, and yet she gives him jugs of piss to drink.
    And women will try and have the weak believe they are supThere are numerous accounts of this guy pleading, crying and begging for there not to be further degradation of treatment, now just imagine if this person was female and the uproar that would occur.

    • First and foremost bitch-boy is not a vulnerable person and so your whole argument falls away. As has been stated on my blog, my bitch-boy happens to be the most intelligent and courageous person I have ever met. Should we find ourselves in a dodgy part of a city at night, for instance, there is no one I would feel more secure with. If I have a tedious problem to resolve, he takes on anyone or any organisation on my behalf, with assertiveness and solutions. Further, he is full of self-worth. He runs his own business very successfully and is very respected by all those in his field. He is very proud to have a younger, attractive wife. He loves his house and car, which give him much satisfaction. People in the business world go up against bitch-boy at their peril.

      Morals are standards created by the generality of society. They change with the times and different factions of society apply different moral standards. There are many who believe gay sex is immoral. Our society also considers it moral (and ergo legal) to sell alcohol to alcoholics. Moral standards are a moveable feast and not a valid set of standards by which to judge all human behaviour.

      You fail to appreciate that for a deeply submissive man to be truly content in their soul, things have to go beyond what they are comfortable with. If they can set a boundary, then they have some control and so cannot feel truly dominated. So, here is the dilemma. Ensure a contented submissive soul by going beyond what he is comfortable with or fail to do so and leave him never having experienced the life he has craved since he was 10 years old.

      You display your own shallow ethical standards with the phrases, ‘What gets me most of all however is the general mentality of the female sex’. And also, ‘And women will try and have the weak believe they are superior.’ Phrases which lump a whole gender into have the same mentality. This is prejudice by its stereotyping. Clearly the female gender does not have a single mentality shared by all, and nor does the male gender.

      The issue is not about gender although you seem to wish it was. There are many female slaves deeply contented in their submissive souls, who have male masters who may have taken things beyond what they are comfortable with. Are you troubled by that I wonder.

      I am afraid this very complex psychological topic requires a more astute analysis than you have managed and requires taking account of all the facts presented, not just those apparently cherry picked to suit an argument against dominant women.

      If you are driven to fight for ethical conduct, I suggest you begin with fighting for the rights of women to be educated, drive and vote in the many countries where they may not do so. Or fight for the freedoms of men and women in North Korea, Burma and Turkmenistan to learn about the national and world news, free of crippling, oppressive propaganda and censorship.

      • graceshubby says:

        As an Owned submissive male, let me state that i can definitively say bitch-boy has found a dream come true. i have gone from failed relationship to failed relationship, always searching for “something”. When i presented myself in chastity and handed my key to my Wife, an amazing thing happened. Religious zealots tend to speak of “giving yourself over to God” and talk of an awakening. i had always blown them off as ignorant cultists with no mind of their own. However, i have been enlightened. i have given myself over to my Goddess and i have been reborn into a life so profoundly satisfying that it pains me to think of the previous 30 years since puberty without this.

        A submissive male NEEDS to be pushed to the limits. Without it, his self-worth and sense of belonging erode and he lives a hollow, meaningless life. My own Wife has recently discovered Her inner Bitch, and has truly taken to enjoying punishing her subby. The depth of emotional connection and sexual intensity resulting from a particularly intense caning session completely eclipses the meager “climaxes” of vanilla sex. i will never have a full, male orgasm again, in fact, i would dread being subject to one at this point.

        i truly feel sorry for “Respect yourself ffs”. Your ignorance and fierce adherence to the standards dictated to you by a society that has no more interest in you as an individual as a man has in the mites gnawing at his dried flakes of skin. This is a path some people want and need. Willfully choosing to remain constricted in the concept of morals (of your choosing) is your choice, but please do not project your values onto our choices.

  3. ted_subby says:

    > You fail to appreciate that for a deeply submissive man to be truly content in their soul, things have to go beyond what they are comfortable with. If they can set a boundary, then they have some control and so cannot feel truly dominated. So, here is the dilemma. Ensure a contented submissive soul by going beyond what he is comfortable with or fail to do so and leave him never having experienced the life he has craved since he was 10 years old. -@msscarlet9015

    This is very well-stated. I am a submissive man who would like to be taken beyond what I am comfortable with. However, that will never occur for me because I have an only slightly sadistic wife who would never become as cruel as Mistress Scarlett. I do not complain, quite the contrary, because I am very lucky but I nevertheless feel some level of envy for bitch-boy and had I not met my wife I would hope to be lucky to find someone similar to Mistress Scarlett.

    To the OP, this is a very difficult subject to explain to someone who does not identify with the submissive feelings being discussed. I would not blame you if after reading Mistress Scarlett’s and my comments you would still feel that bitch-boy were being inappropriately exploited. And of course I do not know the truth myself, I only read these blog entries (which I enjoy a whole lot). If you would like further discussion of this from a sub male’s point of view, feel free to check me out at http://www.assdisc.com or on FetLife as Ted_Subby and I would be glad to discuss further with you.

  4. garykane says:

    I agree with graceshubby that for some of us who are in a submissive role there is an absolute need to to be tested beyond comfortable limits. If you live in a relationship where both parties have agreed that the relationship is best maintained by strict use of corporal punishment, then it makes sense that the punishment has to be beyond what is comfortable to have any effect. Sub subby sums it up well when he says that it is absolutely imperative for the dominant partner to set the limits. Only then can a submissive find true happiness. I am not a vulnerable person but I find myself shedding tears while I’m being caned and flushing deep red when Mistress deliberately embarasses me in public. I’m sure someone like respect yourself ffs would never understand but, believe me, such acts only intensify my love for Mistress and she, in turn, takes deep delight in exploiting her dominanance and authority over me

  5. paulos says:

    My wife/mistress has used embrocation on my balls for years, among other things and the following may be of help to you. Deep heat, Max Strength is good but Capsizan HP is much warmer (!) You can buy it on the internet via Amazon. However `Chilli muscle rub` is the best. Again, buyable from a UK company over the net.This IS a hot one.
    After an application mistress often uses a plant spray filled with hot water to spray my balls, and this always causes me to yell and jump about as she creases up in laughter. If she is feeling very mean, she will give me an application and then have me run a bath for her. When she has finished it is my turn. I am made to stand in the bath and lower myself into the hot water. As it hits my burning balls I jump up yelling, but mistress just laughs and orders me down again. In the end I have to sit fully down as the cane is whacking my thighs and I can tell you it is agony, but strangly, does no lasting harm. But she often needs to sit on the bath edge with her feet on me to keep me from jumping up, always with a huge grin on her face.

  6. Sweep says:

    A short while ago I was tempted to ask whether Ms. Scarlett felt she ever crossed the line from kink to abuse, especially in light of the recent press coverage of domestic abuse being redefined legally (in the UK that is). I was also temted to ask whether she felt responsible for BB’s mental health. Then I reread much of this blog, the associated comments and Ms. Scarlett’s replies.

    It seems to me from the detail in some of the posts that there is definately love between the two of you, and that your relationship, like most long lasting marriages, is rich and complex. Of course, in a blog about female domination, we read for the most part only about those aspects of your life.

    Can you tell if a relationship is abusive based solely on the blog of one party? Of course not. Half the time on the internet you can’t even be sure of people’s true gender! From what I have read though, I believe MS and BB are in a mutually satisfying, loving marriage. Therefore I do not ask my two original questions, and I continue to read this hugely intersting insight into a different life.

    In defence of those who read and post on this blog,

  7. westfalen says:

    yes seconding here compliments on Sweep’s comments as at its core, there has to be a certain connected mutuality to it all even as extreme as it might appear to others………i would credit MsScarlet for having a keen and intimate sense of her bb’s mutuality in all of this and his own fundamental needs and satisfaction and genuine limits, that is no permanent harm and continued living for him:), and then act accordingly…..the fact that they still have a relationship, such as it is, and for us genuine sub blokes/Femme Supremacist types, says it all— he is in and receives fullfillment from it and that’s all that needs to be observed and realized, so all the good for them…..

  8. Patrick says:

    I don’t doubt that Ms Scarlet’s husband gets satisfaction from the way he is treated. Personally, this is way beyond anything I would consider. In fact, I think a lot of it is seriously warped. However, that’s not the issue. People should have the right to live the lifestyle they desire as long as everyone involved is consenting.

    However, the OP’s concerns are valid. Ms Scarlet says her husband is not vulnerable. I would disagree on that. That’s the thing about consent. Someone can consent and still be mistreated if they consent from a position of low self esteem and think they have no choice. Or worse, they think they like it. Ms Scarlet has said this desire of BB’s goes back to when he was 10 years old. Somewhere in that 10 year old boy’s mind and heart lies the answer to why he likes being treated like this. But it’s not something any of us are qualified to speak of. I doubt he even understands it and at this point he’s not going to change.

    So, I try not to pass judgement. Just observe. The considerable distress he experiences obviously means that he does not enjoy it. He even hates it on some level. Yet, he gets something out of it. It scratches some itch for him. And maybe Ms Scarlet is right; for a deeply submissive man he must scratch that itch. The question is why. We may never know.

    I think the question is why does he desire something so strongly that he will put up with the distress that sometimes brings him to tears? I don’t know but I can only liken it to a drug addict’s need for a fix. A heroin addict loves the high they get but nobody would argue that it’s good for them. But it scratches some itch for them and they are free to make a self destructive choice.

    • I am afraid your analysis contains a number of contradictions and flaws which is a shame because some aspects are so close to spot-on.
      You say you try not to pass judgement, but you do pass judgement using the descriptor – ‘seriously warped.’ So no moral high ground for you there I am afraid.
      You use the phrase – ‘….they think they like it.’ This suggests that when someone likes something but it does not suit your argument, you create a new human condition of people only thinking they like something, when in fact the don’t. Awkward.
      Rather than liken his submissiveness to drug addiction, try likening it to sexuality. I believe that similar to a homosexual, bitch-boy was formed as a submissive, either by the time of birth or in his very early formative years. Like a homosexual, he cannot be cured and it is clearly wrong and offensive for anyone to want to ‘cure’ a sexuality. So like a homosexual needing homosexual sex, bitch-boy needs to be dominated. Its far deeper then scratching an itch. Obviously there is the paradoxical issue of abuse providing contentment, but that is the nature of this paradoxical sexuality. He is not making a choice in his sexuality. It is not a self destructive choice in any way and thousands of submissive men would willingly swap places with him. Labelling it a ‘self destructive choice’ is passing judgement again which you say you try not to do.
      Finally, I know it would suit your point of view very well if bitch-boy had low self esteem or was vulnerable but I am afraid the simple fact is that he has never been even remotely vulnerable in his vanilla life and has always (even now) had very high self esteem in his vanilla life. I would not have been attracted to him in the first place otherwise. It is laughable to suggest otherwise as I have explained many times. It is insulting to all submissive people to suggest that they must have low self esteem and be vulnerable. I am afraid you cannot dismiss these facts just to suit your line of argument.

      Be happy and enjoy life to the full.

    • Andy says:

      In BDSM control. TPE and mind games there is no direct correlation to a reason why people require prefer or desire control either to be the giver or receiver of extreme control torture or just interaction.
      Because this is not a main stream Norm for a way of life, you cannot judge it unless your the person or persons in the interactive relationship.
      Too many have tried and got it all wrong.

  9. Andy says:

    Hello Mistress ScarletI have now read much of your pages.
    I am married and have been involved in BDSM & FD for quite a few years. But despite a lot of reading on the web have never come across your web pages before. I have enjoyed reading about the levels of control you have and take delight in , administering.
    My Wife of over 30 years and Mistress interact well on a much less intense level.
    I wonder If I could request a response from you to her personally to take notice of what you have written and apply the levels of control over me.

    I have tried but M is not convinced that it is alright to be so cruel and brutal.

    We are going to stay in an isolated house in Devon this week and I would like her to try keeping me in TSD except for the gag & chained to the bed for 12 hours or more.
    I just think maybe a note from
    You as a Female Dominant with first hand experience would be sufficient to convince her that severe training of me should be adopted in my and more so he best interest.
    Thank you and Kind Regards a

    • I worry that it is not my place to make comment when your Mistress has not asked me to. I will however do so on the basis that she forgives me if my comments are unhelpful or disrespectful.

      You could consider the week as an experiment. Not committing to anything, simply trying something different and exploring if the shoe fits – going way past normal boundaries and limits just to see what that is like. It is useful to remember that males are not made of eggshell. You can hurt them and they will recover quickly enough. If you leave them in bondage for a long time, you do need to be monitoring them. Checking on them every half hour or so, or using a video baby monitor. If they are gagged with any sort of gag which might go down the throat, then monitoring needs to be constant. Video baby monitor or being in the same room. Have fun!

      • andy says:

        Good Afternoon Mistress Scarlet
        Most graciously thank you for the prompt response you have given.
        I have purchased a Motorola Video baby monitor MBP 36 for long term monitoring of me and for this week and in the future, no gags will be used this week, only ear plugs, blindfold and comprehensive restraints. I believe my Mistress Will be thankful of your guidance and I am sure be vigilant against any pleading ensuring a standard is set for me and may respond later with her views
        Thank you again for your precious time
        And advice.
        regards a

      • andy says:

        Report to mistress Scarlet.My Mistress was not at all offended by your response to my request, and she read with interest several of your main pages.
        The week was a good experiment it pushed some boundaries although My Mistress is not naturally devious or naturally Sadistic which makes it hard for her to operate in the headspace required, but M did initiate SD for an extended period. It takes some getting used to and is a very powerful tool.
        Thank you M&a

  10. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh Goddess! You are indeed amazing! You have treated bb to such a lovely treat in Your service! And, for Your part, You do have a wonderful life…all of the chores are done for You to Your required level of performance (strict perfection)…and You enjoy a life of leisure and entertainment and orgasms upon command! You are truly a Goddess!

    Kneeling nose to the floor in awe of You!

    sissy jamieanne

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