Boot polish on the lips

Some of you will recall that I have bitch-boy worship either my arse or my footwear while I apply my make-up in the weekday mornings. Yesterday morning, one of his tasks, while I was in the shower, was to clean and polish the boots I would be wearing that day.

It came to me putting on my make-up and he had to kiss my boots while I did so. (He has to make a kissing noise with each little peck of lips on leather and I order him to move from one boot to the other, just because I can.) There was a brief exchange this morning at the outset.

Please not kiss your boots Mistress. I might get black boot polish on my lips from when I just cleaned the boots.

If that happens it will be because you did not rub the boot polish into the boot properly so you will deserve to have boot polish on your lips won’t you. Now get on with it.’

What was he thinking!

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8 Responses to Boot polish on the lips

  1. GETTING THERE says:

    Thats nice and awesome of you

    wondering if there will be any pictures, we can imganie you torturing him but

  2. GETTING THERE says:

    So sorry the message escaped …

    I was meaning that if a few pictures could be made available, an enhancement of his humiliation and gives us a picture

  3. chastysissy says:

    As always Mistress Scarlet, quite right! May I also please say how much I enjoyed your journal 4, my Domme (‘Mummy’) finds the idea of BB’s inflatable sheep girlfriend highly amusing, I imagine one will be being purchased soon for me. Thankyou on Mummy’s behalf for the inspiration.

  4. westfalen says:

    very nice morning ritual there M.S, for you both……and with the face poiish, bb coulld pretend he was growing in a mustache or beard.

  5. chastysissy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet I just wanted to update that Mummy instructed me the other day to order an inflatable piggy girlfriend to be delivered to her. I’m due to visit next month (we don’t live together), again thankyou on Mummy’s behalf for the inspiration, blushing already.

  6. sissy jamieanne says:

    I laugh to think that bb actually thought for a moment that the risk of getting boot polish on his lips would deter You from requiring him to get on with the task…readers of Your blog and journals have learned that Mistress Scarlet does not have mercy!!!

    Kneeling in humble respect…

    sissy jamieanne

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