The frosts begin to bite

As the frosts begin and the nettles start to fade I thought I should make the most of the last of the nettles during the weekend just gone.

I had bitch-boy strapped down, face down over the dining table and whipped his arse with nettles. He made such a fuss! (despite his gag). Once there were lots of nasty bumps all over the skin of his arse, I moved him to sit on his little girl chair, (wrists still bound together and to his posture collar.) There was coir matting on the seat. He made more fuss as I sat him down on the nasty matting. I bound his legs wide apart.

I left him facing the wall for just under two hours. He whimpered a lot while I got on with my day. He especially whimpered each time (five in all), when I rubbed some nettles on his little exposed dicklet. The whole thing made me very ‘hot’! I had to ‘see to myself’ several times. Just walking past him and listening to his whimpering and observing his utter helplessness gave me a feeling of delightful power-rush and depravity.

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10 Responses to The frosts begin to bite

  1. FemToySlut says:

    mmmmm bitch boys arse will be red raw for days after that Mistress,…. will keep her warm in the frosty days ahead

  2. stillettolover says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Thank you for your updates to the blogroll, I always lookforward to reading the updates. Your books are amazing to read over and over. Thank you again Mistress for the time taken over the Blogroll.


  3. ted_subby says:

    Mistress Scarlet: Very cruel. In other words, very good. I very much enjoy the way you describe your fun at bitch-boy’s suffering as you get on with your day. I think that seems to increase the cruelty, you just “set it and forget it,” and enjoy the whimpering.

  4. sam9white says:

    The frost does begin to bite Ms Scarlet!…now winter is here my beautiful girlfriend Nicola has this weekend sentenced me to my first night locked outside naked. She loves to know i’m suffering the cold while she’s tucked up in the warm.

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    Mistress Scarlet! So lovely and resourceful, Ma’am! It would be a shame to waste such a valuable resource, and it seems You put them to very good use! Combining nettles and the coir matting was of course a stroke of genius on Your part and no doubt left bb’s sissy bum in quite an irritated state! Awed and amazed by You, Ma’am!

    Most respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

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