Toying with a Tumbler caption site

I keep wondering if I should run a Tumbler captioned image site. (with bitch-boy doing all the actual grunt work of course.) I would write the captions.

I have set a tumbler site in motion and posted a couple of examples of proposed material.

Perhaps my regular followers could let me know if it is worth my while? I have no strong views. I shoule make it clear that the Tumbler site would be in addition to this blog.


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13 Responses to Toying with a Tumbler caption site

  1. Well – I would certainly subscribe to it 🙂

  2. Blisteredraw says:

    Mistress Scarlet,,

    I just saw your proposed Tumblr site. I think it would be great! The examples were excellent! I love your blog. Your postings are terrific.Wish there were lots more!@!


  3. chastysissy says:

    Oh yes please Mistress Scarlet. Its truly a treat to have such an insight into your wonderful imagination and obviously the knowledge that BB would be doing the grunt work is lovely too. Please do it Mistress Scarlet please?

  4. Jarrod Tuck says:

    I love the new idea mistress Scarlet! I do hope you continue it, certainly gets my vote. As a sub I always find clothed women verymuch more dominating so I especially enjoyed the photos with the captions.

  5. kathi says:

    It is Wonderful. I love it, please keep it going Mistress Scarlet.

  6. dave says:

    I am not so fetched on the idea, I prefer your blog,

  7. armando says:

    Love it!

  8. Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    Thank you for the mean Ideas and pictures from your new Tumbler site. I would absolutely support your new site! It would feed my fetishes and also bog my mind further to bow down under the heels of the evil minded female superior.

    I am very attracted to the pictures you have already posted. All of them! And in particular your first post, I fell week and helplessly when I have to look at the beautiful Lady wearing the perfect high heels. Also the words you have found for the wonderfully beautiful Mistress with her light green snake eyes taking a break from delivering a extremely harsh caning for her amusement. She probably could in that moment stub out the cigarette on my body. I would not have the mental strength to resist her wish.

    Last but not least, I would like to thank you Mistress Scarlet to highlight and reply my last comment on the topic on “My Journal Number 4 is published.”

    If the day comes that a Royal Highness Mistress will select me as her slave than I will try to introduce her to your Blog and you’re Journals.

    Maybe this cut is the beginning of one marvellous friendship…

    With my kindest regards’

  9. ted_subby says:

    I too enjoy the Tumblr site so far, with what you say that it wouldn’t detract from the entries in this great blog.

  10. girlie donald says:

    I love your new tumbler site. Also l love how you control your husband. I have all your volumes, and read them often. I am a adult baby myself. Thank you for sharing your personal life. Love you

  11. smoothphil says:

    hello Mistress,
    setting up a femdom tumblr blog is an excellent idea for your subs like me to get off on . there are already some excellent caption blogs for sissies on there which I am sure you can add to also .
    if you wish take a look at my humble tumblr blog above and see if I can moisten you a little. feel free to link to my page.
    your little pet Phil x

  12. Aaron says:

    I love it Mistress. Please continue with them!

  13. beautifulfdominance says:

    i have just followed You in tumblr. Do continue posting! 🙂

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