Christmas Presents

Yesterday, I ordered most of bitch-boy’s Christmas presents, all on-line. He knelt at my side as I did so.

A new wicked looking cane, (although I doubt I will prefer it to my favourite cane which I always return to, whatever new punishment implement I buy – but you never know), a new frilly black and white maid’s hat to replace his old one, over the knee pink socks and frilly pink garters (with bells on) to hold up the socks, a pink leather schoolgirl satchel, some condom catheters and tubing (for those very extended periods of total deprivation bondage), some short white gloves for his school girl uniform, pink rubber gloves decorated with plastic flowers  and some pink pom-poms. I also ordered some very expensive underwear for me as one of his presents. These are all the presents he will be getting.

I set out to him my plans for Christmas day. He will be cooking, cleaning and serving in his maid’s uniform while I relax. He will be reorganising and clearing our filing paperwork in his schoolgirl outfit. (This has rather been allowed to build-up and will be a very tedious 90 minutes work.) After my lunch, which he will serve to me, he will entertain me with dancing with his pom-poms, (very little girl, ballet type dancing – to Christmas tunes I am to select in due course. He will have to practice these dances between now and Christmas day.)

We will start with a deterrent punishment and he will then be caned throughout the day for each and every infraction – no matter how insignificant.

I needed his tongue after I had set out my plans to him, such is my anticipation over putting him through such a seriously subjugating day – on all days.

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9 Responses to Christmas Presents

  1. Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Are you planning to let Bitch Boy cry for you on Christmas Eve? Let’s say as your free sadistic extra present for your merry cheerful atmosphere? Letting Bitch Boy cry for you maybe even twice? What might that be Mistress Scarlet?

    Submissive regards,

  2. chastysissy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, how wonderful you are managing BB’s presents like that. Performing must be soooo humiliating for him, and I know the feeling, having had to recite nursery rhymes whilst dressed as a little sissy gurl for my Mummy. Without doubt the worst though was having to perform ‘on the good ship lollipop’ whilst Mummy sat and barely contained her amusement and triumph. Piggy has arrived at Mummy’s house by the way and I imagine I will be tormented from a distance for some time about it now as sadly I won’t be able to visit her until xmas time/new year.
    As always thankyou so much Mistress Scarlet for sharing your wonderful life with us all via your lovely blog.

  3. Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    I would like to offer an apology. My last comet on your post (CHRISTMAS PRESENT) I was corresponding to impolitely and overly personal.

    I hope you are well and look forward reading from you soon.

    My I ask you, have you ever considered writing a Novel?

    Submissive regards,

  4. Mistress Scarlet, this is wonderful news! Would you give as hint? Are you open to suggestion? I have just started again to read all you have published. I wish you all the best Mistress Scarlet,

    • I am open to suggestions for inclusion. My plot is likely to be an 18 year old woman, in the present time, from a wealthy family who finds, in the attic, a detailed dairy or journal which was written by her great, great grandmother. Her grandmother was a Victorian governess who moved from lowly beginnings to wealth from marrying one of the males she comes to dominate. The 18 year old and the governess share a sadistic dominant streak and the life and progression of the governess are revealed as the 18 year old reads the diaries and follows in the footsteps of the Governess.

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    No relaxation and spoiling for Your bb on Christmas Day! Just toiling away, humiliation and the cane for the slightest offense! I curtsy respectfully to You, Ms Scarlet… obviously Your bb is well aware of his place, and You keep him in it!

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