Variety is the spice of life

I was working at home yesterday and wanted to have bitch-boy experience a very miserable day to make mine more pleasurable. I dressed him as a schoolgirl, even including a straw boater with ribbons hanging from the back of the brim. While his little clitty was flaccid I buckled and padlocked a leather pin lined restraint on, getting the diameter down to even less than a wine cork. No erections for him while out of my direct control. He looked so humiliated and sad when I patronisingly smiled at him in his grey pleated gymslip et al. Then a harsh deterrent punishment of around 36 strokes of the cane, I did not count the number.

First he had to do hand washing – home maker’s class. Next a long and tedious task of domestic paperwork filing and going through old files discarding redundant paperwork – business administration class. A tedious job indeed which took him three hours, interrupted only when I occasionally shouted to him that I needed a coffee.

Half way through this task, he made me a delicious lunch – Cookery class. (I allowed him a glass of tap water.) While I ate, I had him kneel on his coir matting, sucking on a big dildo stuck to the door –  just in case I needed to be waited on further by him during the consumption of my lunch. Lunch over he had to return to the filing.

Three times through the morning and early afternoon I made use of his tongue.

Filing done, his schoolgirl outfit was finished with for the day. It was time for some total sensory deprivation bondage on the bed. (TSD bondage.) Before leaving him, bound so he could not move limb or head, gagged, blindfolded, silicone earplugs blotting out all sound – I made his clitty hard and then liberally smeared it with Deep Heat embrocation cream. While I sat at the PC, returning to my work, I listened with a smile at the sounds of his distressed whimpering on the video baby monitor I had set up.

After two hours of working on the PC, occasionally glancing at the baby monitor screen, the thought of his pitch-black-blind, silent-deaf, immobile-paralysed, helpless, and no doubt fearfully apprehensive, suffering – became just too much for me! I went up to him gave his clitty a thorough smacking and then attended to myself while listening to his receding whimpering. I came very hard and it was the fourth of the day, so far.

Life with your own human pet/ human dolly/ human toy is very hard to beat!

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9 Responses to Variety is the spice of life

  1. Mike says:

    Excellent way to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  2. Anonymous Sub says:

    Impressive as always
    Humbly and respectfully

    Im rather curious. Knowing that you have a human guinea pig I was wondering if you already tried this. But i saw a movie the other day and the hinted that they would use TABASCO sauce on the genitalia of one of the characters, as payback.

    I bet its probably nastier than deep heat.

    But still curious.

  3. garykane says:

    Sounds like you both had one heck of a day!

  4. Richard Bonder says:

    Oh my! You are amazing! This is such a turn on. You are living this fantasy!

  5. westfalen says:

    Being a former pet myself, i can relate to the BB experience:)

  6. sissy jamieanne says:

    Absolutely wonderful Ms Scarlet! I’ve been reading tidbits of your blog for a while now…random samplings, and have developed a great respect for your Superiority! Although he suffers immensely for your pleasure, your bb is very much envied among us submissive males…thank You very much Ma’am for sharing Your “adventures” in the handling and training of a submissive male!

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