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Christmas Day

This entry will be lacking in some detail because I have started preparing diary journal number 5 for publication and a fully detailed description of this special day’s events will appear within – where I can linger over details in a way which I think is inappropriate for shortish, sharpish blog posts. (I think journal number 5 will be almost entirely full of 2012 events, such has been my move to rather extreme ‘behaviours’ as a matter of weekly course in this wonderful year.)

The day started with him removing his pin lined restraint I had padlocked onto him Christmas Eve bedtime, and then he showered under my direction. Then into his pink maid’s outfit and back into his pin lined penis restraint. He begged not to because of the sore places on his little clitty, developed through the night, but I simply told him to find virgin skin for the pin points to rest against.

I then gave him a list of chores to do, prepping in the kitchen, while I had a leisurely bath that he first ran for me. I then dressed in a very sexy outfit and it was time to open the presents. He had spent a lot of money on me, particularly some very, very expensive underwear (which fitted me perfectly). I had also bought myself some very expensive underwear as one of his presents. His presents have been described in earlier posts. How he hated me putting his necklace on him and laughing at the words it displayed. (I LOVE COCK).

I also had twice as many presents as he did. Obviously, completely appropriate. All the things he had bought me were exactly what I wanted. I felt very, spoiled and worshipped. And very cruel and decadent considering all his presents were to give me pleasure at his shameful, painful expense. With all the presents opened, the room hung heavy with depraved atmosphere. I decided to give him a caning for insufficient gratitude for his presents. He really whined throughout because he said he was so sore from the previous day.

He then had to tidy-up and then iron the table cloth and one napkin for the main meal table setting, while I relaxed and more closely examined and enjoyed my huge array of presents. He then spent the next two hours setting the table for one and cooking the main meal while I relaxed making calls and flicking through a magazine.

Finally it was time for the meal. I had already started on the champagne and I allowed him a glass of tap water before he served. The starter was cooked fig and warm duck meat with blue cheese slivers, all on fine sliced baguette. He bought two plates of the starter into the dining room. I sat at the table and indicated he should sit at my feet on the polished floor boards. I told him he would not be using a plate. He looked so sad and begged a little. I told him it was what would give me the most pleasure for my Christmas meal so that was that! He did get to sit by my beautiful feet in a beautiful pair of shoes – an honour I think. 002 copy

I took a mouthful of my starter – delicious! He is a fantastic cook! I then attended to his plate. I dropped some duck meat onto the floor. Then I dropped some cooked fig which made a little plop sound as it hit the boards. Then I spread some blue cheese onto a baguette slice. He was sobbing a little by now. I told him to look up so he could see me drop a mouthful of spit onto the baguette slice and then, I dropped it onto the floor and placed the sole of my shoe on top. Then I told him to listen as I pushed down and the baguette crunched.

Once he had licked the sole of my shoe clean he had to eat the rest from the floor without using his hands, while I looked down at the top of his head and enjoyed some more of the starter from my plate. And so we continued, in the same fashion each eating our own portions of the starter. Four baguette slices each in all. I was so taken with the imagery, I had bitch-boy take a photo of me squashing the food. During his initial whining he had begged me not to use the shoes to squash the food because they are the pair I had only recently worn to the Club Pedestal event (previous blog entry). I had walked all around a public fetish club, visited the toilets several times etc. I was unmoved by his aversion on the apparent grounds of hygiene. (Looking at the photo, I can see why I was approached by so many slaves that night, all begging to be allowed to worship my feet. Pretty feet – beautiful, sexy shoes!)

For the main course, I allowed him a plate on the floor, and a knife and fork. Again his cooking was perfection. I was too full for a pudding.

Meal finished, I retired to the sitting room to watch a DVD and sent him into the kitchen to tidy everything up. There was a great deal of tidying and washing-up to do but he did have his new pink rubber gloves adorned with yellow, rubber flowers (one of his presents) to brighten the chores! And so the day continued in the same vein with a good number of other torments and humiliations for him.

Last Christmas day had been somewhat of a subjugating ordeal for him, this one was much worse. By the mid evening I could tell he was utterly subjugated and conquered. The fact that it was Christmas day, normally a time for some relaxation and drinking and fun (even for him, up until last year) clearly intensified the effect of my cruelty and exploitation. But he knew for weeks before what was in store for him and he knew what presents he would be getting – yet look at what wonderful gifts he nonetheless bought for me. Keeping him in awe of my dominant sadism clearly fills his submissive soul with the need to keep me happy. What could be a better way to live ladies – if you don’t live so yet, think about living so. If your man is submissive, the world can be your oyster if you choose.

Christmas Eve

Bitch-boy had to get the house ready for Christmas Day. I started the day with a deterrent punishment caning.

As the day progressed – He was caned hard for three tiny specs I found on the bath after he had cleaned the bathroom. He was caned hard for five particles of detritus I found during an inspection of the floors of the whole house after he had vacuumed. (And he had to eat each particle.) He was caned hard on his now very sore butt for failing to properly dust one surface to perfection, I found during an inspection of the whole house after he had dusted.

After my evening meal, it was day 2 of his high heels training. As on the previous day (see below), [I chained him up to a beam in the ceiling of my sitting room. He was wearing a straight jacket and his heels and a blindfold, gag and posture collar. Chains secured him to the D-ring in the beam from the sides of the posture collar and from the shoulders of the straightjacket. He could not fall, but 99% of his weight was in his shoes.]

I informed him that I expected 20 minutes (5 minutes more than the day before) and that I expected those 20 minutes in complete silence – or his very sore butt would receive an awfully harsh, long caning.

Well, it was very, very amusing. After about 14 minutes, my blind, gagged hanging doll, tried to alternate his weight from one foot to the other, then from toes to heels, then his legs began to shake, then back to alternating weight from one foot to the other etc. etc. – and all in silence. Delightful fun. He obviously could not take the thought of a further caning.

After 20 minutes, I released him telling him that I would be training him up to at least a full hour, probably two. What an upset and timid little play-toy! And there was Christmas Day to come.

New shoes, I couldn’t wait….

I am afraid I could not wait for Christmas Day to have bitch-boy in his new, pink 5 inch heeled shoes with lockable ankle straps. So yesterday I had him in them. Having never worn shoes with any more than a one inch heel, he was desperately upset and tottering like a new born deer.

I had a yearning to subject him to sensory deprivation bondage. I chained him up to a beam in the ceiling of my sitting room. He was wearing a straight jacket and his heels and a blindfold, gag and posture collar. Chains secured him to the D-ring in the beam from the sides of the posture collar and from the shoulders of the straightjacket. He could not fall, but 99% of his weight was in his shoes.

He had not come for 22 days and I could not resist teasing his freshly shaved boys-bits for a while. Then I settled down to read the paper. It was quite a power rush having my human puppet, mute and blind and not able to move, and so, so uncomfortable – particularly in his shoes – while I relaxed in comfort, occasionally glancing up at him and smiling.

Well he lasted just 12 minutes before he began to whimper and whimper because of the shoes. (The pain in the balls of his feet, he later whined to me.)

I told him to be silent and bear it for another three minutes and he just managed to do so. Then I released him. So he managed 15 minutes in his first high heeled outing. Quite pathetic I told him and I punished him. I then made it clear to him that his training had begun for him to be able to wear the high heels for very long stretches, whether in bondage, or doing chores or serving.

More Christmas Presents!

Well, two weeks ago, I received an email from the Birchplace on-line shop which informed me of a new product range. I could not help but get bitch-boy knelt down next to me by the PC while I browsed the range. I ordered two extra presents for him and he did not look very grateful, poor thing. (Although, when we were finished, he did have to kiss my boots and thank me very sincerely anyway!)

I ordered him a pair of five inch heeled, pink patent leather, ankle strap stilettos with lockable ankle straps and a little bow on the front. He begged and begged and begged me not to. So I enjoyed ordering them anyway a great deal, and I have obviously hit a nerve. All his other feminine shoes have flat heels or a one inch heel.

I also ordered him a silver necklace displaying the words ‘I LOVE COCK’. Again, he begged and begged and begged me not to. So again I enjoyed ordering it anyway a great deal, and I have obviously hit a second nerve – the extent of his dislike for this did come as a surprise. He is 100% heterosexual so clearly finds the enforced bisexuality element of enforced sissyness a huge problem. I often make him suck on a very large pink stick-on dildo, (I stick to walls etc), but have never really threatened him with contact with another male because I have no interest in other males being involved. I especially would not enjoy the company of dominant males. (It’s just how it is.) I prefer cuckolding him with women, dominating him with other women and using and abusing female slaves while he is sent away out of the house.

I think I will have to start using a new set of abusive terms, such as ‘cock-sucker,’ ‘cum-bucket’, etc, but it is a new area for me so I will have to get up to speed. All help greatly appreciated.

The items arrived yesterday so I am really looking forward to a fun Christmas and I think bitch-boy is dreading Christmas as much as I am looking forward to it.


I can’t help myself but post a comment

I was checking in on my links and found that on the Amazon UK site, the only review of Volume 1 of my Journals is a very negative one. Given all the wonderful comments I receive on my blog about my published works, (including Volume 1), I could not help but feel a tinge of injustice that this negative review is the only buyers’ opinion that a potential reader might see.


For the sake of good manners I tried not to comment on this issue on my blog but I failed to  find the will-power to stay silent.

There was a thoughtful review on Volume 2 from ‘David’, which I set out below. But even that did not assuage my sense of injustice over the Volume 1 lone review.

David’s review:

An unbelievably powerful account of a woman’s total control over her husband / slave.

Scarlet has a love of humiliating her slave by dressing her as a little
girl – not my favourite femdom scene. And from that point of view the content
may seem a bit repetitive. But behind it all is the sheer power, control,
ruthlessness and nastiness of a woman who totally dominates her partner in all areas of his life, which just gets more extreme. As for her slave – would you
want to be in his place ? Well sometimes, yes. But mostly – poor guy; I don’t
know how he gets through it. The book is well written – I could hardly put it

Had to go to the chemist so that I could try it out some Deep Heat
for myself – yep it really does hurt. Should keep me going for a couple of
years. I suspect Scarlet gets through a tube a week.

Strangely, I’ve read Book 2 first. I’ll definitely be reading Books 1, 3 and hopefully 4 after this.

Club Pedstal fun

I spent 5 hours of Friday night at Club Pedestal in London. It was fantastic! Dominant women and submissive men. The later it got, the more spirited it got. From the word go, there were sadistic woman wearing high shoes with pencil thin heels trampling very cruelly over prostrate males. I am surprised there were no injuries such was the enthusiasm to generate pain. This was not playing, it was serious cruelty. It was a delight to watch!

There was flogging, whipping and caning of males bent over or strung up. Some of the caning was also very serious! Again, delightful to watch. Later on a penis here or there was exposed and smacked or whipped. Males were being led on leashes, or having to crawl on hands and knees following their dominant woman owner of the moment.

Of course there was much oral worship of footwear and of bare feet by kneeling or prostrate males, while the ladies sat in comfortable chairs. There were many very beautiful women and some fantastic and sophisticated erotic outfits. I will be attending the next event!