Club Pedstal fun

I spent 5 hours of Friday night at Club Pedestal in London. It was fantastic! Dominant women and submissive men. The later it got, the more spirited it got. From the word go, there were sadistic woman wearing high shoes with pencil thin heels trampling very cruelly over prostrate males. I am surprised there were no injuries such was the enthusiasm to generate pain. This was not playing, it was serious cruelty. It was a delight to watch!

There was flogging, whipping and caning of males bent over or strung up. Some of the caning was also very serious! Again, delightful to watch. Later on a penis here or there was exposed and smacked or whipped. Males were being led on leashes, or having to crawl on hands and knees following their dominant woman owner of the moment.

Of course there was much oral worship of footwear and of bare feet by kneeling or prostrate males, while the ladies sat in comfortable chairs. There were many very beautiful women and some fantastic and sophisticated erotic outfits. I will be attending the next event!

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12 Responses to Club Pedstal fun

  1. sam9white says:

    Sounds like superb fun Ms Scarlet, you must have been in your element!

  2. yourdoormatt says:

    If You enjoyed Pedestal Club night, You might also enjoy a night at the Black Whip Club.
    There a quite a few people who attend both clubs.

  3. Mistress Scarlet,
    It is pleasing to hear the Club Pedetal is amusing and entertaining for you!
    As it should be! A dominant and sadistic female superior genius like you are should have tormented and humiliated slaves nearby just for your satisfaction.

    Have you ever done any trampling with BB? And if so what kind of shoes where you wearing?
    Patent Leather, Gucci, Louboutin, OMG!

    Trampling is so mean because it is so wrong!

    May I add two blog links for your inspiration in hope you find the time to expand your Tumbler caption site?

    The best for you!

    • The only trampling I really enjoy inflicting on bb is when I am wearing shoes or boots and I squash and pin his hard little penis against a hard surface like polished wood or stone. I can do that for a long time before tiring of it.

  4. jonny says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet,
    Did you take b b or leave home at home?

    • I took bitch-boy. He was shocked when he learned that I did not find any of the extreme behaviour to be ‘too much’ and that I would be happy to immediately invite home any of the cruellest women we observed, to join me in his punishment, torment and humiliation. Does he never learn what I am capable of?

      • jonny says:

        Hi Mistress Scarlet, thanks for the reply,
        It doesn’t sound like it to me! You should have left him stood outside the entrance door waiting for you to return.

  5. Rosie says:

    I can vouch for Club Black Whip. I was there in September and it was wild. There were no dominant males there that night. All males were naked except for shoes and collars (and maybe a few wore stockings with garters, and one wore a corset). All penis’s and butts were on display. The night started with a penis measurement for all and substantial ridicule for any that were under 3″. Ladies patroled the line and allowed no self stimulation to try to coax some growth. The small penis group, which was about 80 percent, were further ridiculed. Then there was the spanking gauntlet for all males — that happened twice. The whole night was wild with lots of beautiful dommes.

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