I can’t help myself but post a comment

I was checking in on my links and found that on the Amazon UK site, the only review of Volume 1 of my Journals is a very negative one. Given all the wonderful comments I receive on my blog about my published works, (including Volume 1), I could not help but feel a tinge of injustice that this negative review is the only buyers’ opinion that a potential reader might see.


For the sake of good manners I tried not to comment on this issue on my blog but I failed to  find the will-power to stay silent.

There was a thoughtful review on Volume 2 from ‘David’, which I set out below. But even that did not assuage my sense of injustice over the Volume 1 lone review.

David’s review:

An unbelievably powerful account of a woman’s total control over her husband / slave.

Scarlet has a love of humiliating her slave by dressing her as a little
girl – not my favourite femdom scene. And from that point of view the content
may seem a bit repetitive. But behind it all is the sheer power, control,
ruthlessness and nastiness of a woman who totally dominates her partner in all areas of his life, which just gets more extreme. As for her slave – would you
want to be in his place ? Well sometimes, yes. But mostly – poor guy; I don’t
know how he gets through it. The book is well written – I could hardly put it

Had to go to the chemist so that I could try it out some Deep Heat
for myself – yep it really does hurt. Should keep me going for a couple of
years. I suspect Scarlet gets through a tube a week.

Strangely, I’ve read Book 2 first. I’ll definitely be reading Books 1, 3 and hopefully 4 after this.

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11 Responses to I can’t help myself but post a comment

  1. chastysissy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, having enjoyed all 4 of your journals its a shame to see such a sloppy state of affairs re: reviews. I would gladly provide some positive reviews and will check whether I can do so anonymously at least as far as my vanilla identity is concerned x cs

  2. David says:

    Its David here, and that was my review ! I’m pleased that you seem to like it. It is quite odd that there are so few reviews of your books on Amazon, when they are so damned good. I really wanted to leave a positive review for you; you deserve it.
    I have now read all 4 volumes and found them amazing. Could hardly put them down – I had to ration myself to a volume a month. Time to add my reviews to to the other 3 volumes. Justice must be done.

    • David, you are my knight in shining armour. It will be most pleasurable to see your reviews, especially for volume 1. I agree the absence of reviews on Amazon and Lulu is strange, because many people leave very positive comments on my blog. Thank you David.

      • David says:

        Dear Mistress Scarlet. It is my pleasure to be of some use to you 🙂
        I have added a review for Volume 1. I know it can take some time for Amazon to approve and release it.
        I’d just like to add how lucky bitch boy is to have someone like you to serve. I know he gets to be reminded quite often 🙂
        Will there be a volume 5 of your Journal ?
        Best wishes


  3. Butt Monkey says:

    Mistress I have all four of Your wonderful journals published thus far and eagerly anticipate the publication of journal number 5. They are beautifully written and capture the unique dynamic between You and bitch boy so well. The stories of his prolonged sensory deprivation and submission to Your sisters mad other guests are incredibly powerful. The only problem I have is that they fuel the imagination of my Mistress! With humble gratitude and very best wishes. Butt Monkey x

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    Good Morning Mistress Scarlet. I have read the first 4 volumes and have found them all to be amazing! I’ve never been very good at leaving reviews on anything I buy from Amazon (i guess i’m lazy in that regard), but Your journals are a must-read for Femdom enthusiasts, and i have been remiss in my failure to leave the positive feedback You deserve. I will correct that immediately, Ma’am! i hadn’t realised how important it is to do so, but i can see where it might truly make a difference!

    I’m currently reading volume 5 and I think it may be the best thus far!!!!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

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