More Christmas Presents!

Well, two weeks ago, I received an email from the Birchplace on-line shop which informed me of a new product range. I could not help but get bitch-boy knelt down next to me by the PC while I browsed the range. I ordered two extra presents for him and he did not look very grateful, poor thing. (Although, when we were finished, he did have to kiss my boots and thank me very sincerely anyway!)

I ordered him a pair of five inch heeled, pink patent leather, ankle strap stilettos with lockable ankle straps and a little bow on the front. He begged and begged and begged me not to. So I enjoyed ordering them anyway a great deal, and I have obviously hit a nerve. All his other feminine shoes have flat heels or a one inch heel.

I also ordered him a silver necklace displaying the words ‘I LOVE COCK’. Again, he begged and begged and begged me not to. So again I enjoyed ordering it anyway a great deal, and I have obviously hit a second nerve – the extent of his dislike for this did come as a surprise. He is 100% heterosexual so clearly finds the enforced bisexuality element of enforced sissyness a huge problem. I often make him suck on a very large pink stick-on dildo, (I stick to walls etc), but have never really threatened him with contact with another male because I have no interest in other males being involved. I especially would not enjoy the company of dominant males. (It’s just how it is.) I prefer cuckolding him with women, dominating him with other women and using and abusing female slaves while he is sent away out of the house.

I think I will have to start using a new set of abusive terms, such as ‘cock-sucker,’ ‘cum-bucket’, etc, but it is a new area for me so I will have to get up to speed. All help greatly appreciated.

The items arrived yesterday so I am really looking forward to a fun Christmas and I think bitch-boy is dreading Christmas as much as I am looking forward to it.


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18 Responses to More Christmas Presents!

  1. ted_subby says:

    If you are set against involving any other man (even a submissive or a slave), then verbally abusive terms like you mention can work great. My dominant wife does this to me.

    You can make him watch gay porn or forced bi scenes (maybe teasing him so he gets excited while watching those), and possibly threaten that he will need to participate at some point (that would only work if he is not certain it’s a bluff), going into detail about what he will be required to do. Also, making him beg to suck a guy’s cock, such as making a video from his begging (regardless of whether or not you would publish the video or just delete it), would probably also be very humiliating. You could make a video of him all dolled up and with a mask on to protect his identity, telling the world that he would love to suck cock etc.

    • All great ideas for me to consider. Thank you. I instantly like the simple idea of making him beg to suck cock whenever he is too suck on his big dildo. Keep the ideas coming.

      • ted_subby says:

        Thank you. You might consider putting a bit of urine or soap on the dildo, too. Having to taste soap can be extremely distressing, especially if being punished such as holding a bar of soap in the mouth. I am lucky not to have that done to me by my dominant wife, yet, but I’ve read that it’s very humiliating.

        Another option is to buy a dildo which spews white liquid such as yogurt after he has been sucking on the dildo for a while, especially when he is dressed as a girl.

        • He has to taste my urine often. I used to use a sliver of soap before gagging him. Now I use the fluid you can buy in drug stores to assist in preventing nail biting. It does not cause him to gag with nausea and it tastes far more foul than soap and lasts in the mouth for hours afterwards. He HATES IT!

      • ted_subby says:

        What a great idea, a fluid to help prevent nail biting, thanks! In all of my browsing of web sites I have never seen that idea but I could see where that would work great and also be safe.

  2. Make him build up a scrap book of his ‘idol’. It could include cuttings from the papers, secret love letters, messages of devotion or even drawings. It would take hours to do, and would bring out his creative side. He could then show it to your sisters and others when the need to humiliate arises.

    • This is a very creative idea and I like it a lot. I will give it some thought. I am thinking instead of ‘ideal’ man, perhaps just images of big hard cocks (that he would love to suck!)

      • ted_subby says:

        @buggermeitscold: what a great idea! It can be like a schoolgirl crush with adoration, hearts, etc. done while dressed as a girl. Having the face and cock of one specific man (whomever that is) for him to adore would really drive the emotions home.

  3. Gareth says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett,
    Firstly, may I say that I and my beloved Mistress have read your books (in print form) and enjoyed them. It is most wonderful to see how perfectly your cruel dominance and your submissive’s deep needs complement each other.

    It is most energising and inspiring to see how you are able to give each other exactly what you need in an idyllic relationship.With two children at home, the intensity of your own arrangements is something my beloved only aspires to – and mentions regularly.

    Reading the post above reminds me of my surprise of a ground rule you had in one of the sessions with a visiting Mistress is one of your books. The rule related to sexual contact with another man.

    Like most males, I would enjoy the comfort of that arrangement. But I also know that being manipulated by my Mistress and fulfilling her whims is the deepest of all submissions. The thrill of obeying her to do something that would otherwise be unappealling is surely the sign of true submission.

    Just as I have found your own writing inspiring, may I suggest the following two pieces of text, which completely changed my own ideas on the topic.

    This link is simply beautiful and inspiring beyond words:

    That text and the post below from the wise Mistress Tytania, have combined to make me long for what she describes as the “the ultimate taboo, the place where his masculinity is surrendered, his submission put to the final test.”

    I hope they inspire you in the same way. The notion of being one of two sissies being controlled and exploited by their Mistresses in this way is surely the ultimate test of submission and one from which neither Mistress or Sissy should shy away

    With best wishes,


    Boy on Boy Puppetry: Pull the cock, not the strings

    When I ask my boys to amuse me by sucking each other off, or being bummed by one of them or being part of a spit roast scene where I also get to use my dommely cock, I love referring to it as “Boy on Boy Puppetry”.

    It’s puppetry of the penis, but not as we know it. I hold and direct my male puppets not by strings, but by their cocks. I hold and pull their eager dicks, literal or metaphorically speaking, so they do as Mistress commands.

    Cocks, specially other men’s cocks, hold such a powerful pull in a submissive man’s imaginary. It’s the ultimate taboo, the place where his masculinity is surrendered, his submission put to the final test. To engage sexually with other boys for Mistress, is a to show that I have the power to wipe out their male privilege and pretensions.
    (Ms Tytania blogpost)

    • Thank you for your kind comments on my published material and thank you for such a consdiered comment on the issue of forced bisexual acts for my bitch-boy.

      The text from the link to SheWhoMakesTheRules, is beautifully written but the role of the gratified male just does not do it for me. I hate labels because they can be misconstrued and mean different things to different people. Also labels regarding sexuality are a problem because I think (ironically –given the subject at hand), sexuality can be a transient matter. With those caveats, I suppose:

      Firstly I am a female supremacist, so do not get off if a male is being dominant or being gratified in a ‘dominant’ manner. That is how I am – I can do nothing about that.

      Secondly, I think perhaps I am past bisexual and am actually a lesbian. The only males I have ever found sexually attractive have been pretty boys like a young Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves. And I do not like big muscles on men – I hate that. I am not sure I see bitch-boy as a male. More as a genderless toy who happens to have boys bits hanging between his legs, for me to play with in a not very nice way. And I just truly love having other females involved in my depraved life and am sexually turned on, whether they are dominant – and assisting me in the abuse of bitch-boy, or submissive toys for me to use and abuse while bitch-boy is ‘caged’ in some distant room. Sexual acts with these domiant or submissive women are wonderful. (And cuckold bitch-boy into the bargain).

      Having said all that – I confess some scope in the content of your second text from Ms Tytania has a smidgeon of appeal. Forcing two heterosexual males into sissydom and oral sex acts. Both elements being completely against their wishes and providing both had been thoroughly conditioned into unquestioning obedience, (despite their miserable hatred of what was happening and some token begging no doubt). Such conditioned males are actually quite rare and will be owned and live with a VERY dominant lifestyle women – and such women are also quite rare, for many reasons – some of which are wholly down to practical circumstances like; no children living at home, etc.

      However, there is so much scope for a huge range of uses and abuses of bitch-boy, when my favourite scenario comes to fruition – me with another very cruel bisexual or lesbian dom woman, that I think my time spent seeking contacts will always be drawn to finding women to optimise my perverted life and lusts, rather than men.

      I do not rule out the above boy-on-boy puppetry scenario though, (modified by my preferred provisos), so I can continue to toy cruelly with bitch-boys mind, because it might happen!

      • tedsubby says:

        Mistress Scarlett, that is a very informative response, thank you for providing that insight into your feelings on these issues.

        Forced bi is often a male submissive fantasy, even from straight sub men like myself for whom it would be truly scary and potentially horrific. The great link Gareth provided is right on point with what would be a very frightening situation. But if the dominant woman is not really into it, then in my view there is no point to it.

        One of your strengths in my view is having a good sense of focusing on your own pleasure which includes your boy’s pain, and not the other way around. While different sub men enjoy different things, for a dominant woman to focus on her own pleasure rather than catering to the man’s desires is a very desirable trait for many sub men, even though that seems to be a paradox.

        Consensual non-consent is often confusing but with a truly dominant female the confusion can go away to be replaced by obedience and whatever suffering she wants to inflict.

        -Bluebonnet1’s Ted

        • The paradox you mention, although counter intuitive was the turning point for bitch-boy and I. Once I put what I wanted before what he thought turned him on, he fell truly under my spell. Paradoxical. Consensual non-consent is the key to a profound experience for domme and sub. He hates much that happens to him but he truly experiences submission!

  4. tedsubby says:

    Mistress Scarlett: “Once I put what I wanted before what he thought turned him on, he fell truly under my spell.” Yes that is exactly how I feel it would work when the dominant woman takes control as you have and the sub is of the type to need consensual non-consent. It is very difficult to describe hating what is going on while at the same time needing it, and while on my own blog I sometimes try to describe the experience, I am not in nearly an extreme situation as you and your bitch-boy are.

    -Bluebonnet1’s Ted

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  6. Dallas says:

    Ms Scarlet,

    A suggestion. Perhaps since you don’t like other men, but would like to humiliate bitch-boy, you could get him a realistic blow up boyfriend (similiar to his sheep). He could have to beg to make love to him, after days (if not weeks) in chastity. I would imagine that would certainly break bitch-boy!

  7. Dallas says:

    I am a submissive male, Ma’am

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    Lots of great discussion in this thread on the psyche of the male submissive/slave. And…I found a couple of interesting links!

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