New shoes, I couldn’t wait….

I am afraid I could not wait for Christmas Day to have bitch-boy in his new, pink 5 inch heeled shoes with lockable ankle straps. So yesterday I had him in them. Having never worn shoes with any more than a one inch heel, he was desperately upset and tottering like a new born deer.

I had a yearning to subject him to sensory deprivation bondage. I chained him up to a beam in the ceiling of my sitting room. He was wearing a straight jacket and his heels and a blindfold, gag and posture collar. Chains secured him to the D-ring in the beam from the sides of the posture collar and from the shoulders of the straightjacket. He could not fall, but 99% of his weight was in his shoes.

He had not come for 22 days and I could not resist teasing his freshly shaved boys-bits for a while. Then I settled down to read the paper. It was quite a power rush having my human puppet, mute and blind and not able to move, and so, so uncomfortable – particularly in his shoes – while I relaxed in comfort, occasionally glancing up at him and smiling.

Well he lasted just 12 minutes before he began to whimper and whimper because of the shoes. (The pain in the balls of his feet, he later whined to me.)

I told him to be silent and bear it for another three minutes and he just managed to do so. Then I released him. So he managed 15 minutes in his first high heeled outing. Quite pathetic I told him and I punished him. I then made it clear to him that his training had begun for him to be able to wear the high heels for very long stretches, whether in bondage, or doing chores or serving.

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4 Responses to New shoes, I couldn’t wait….

  1. Mistress Liliane says:

    Love it! Happy holidays.

  2. Mistress Liliane says:

    Love it! Happy Holidays from one wicked lady to another.

  3. ted_subby says:

    Ouch, I know subs who have had to learn to handle high heels and it can be very painful!

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