Christmas Eve

Bitch-boy had to get the house ready for Christmas Day. I started the day with a deterrent punishment caning.

As the day progressed – He was caned hard for three tiny specs I found on the bath after he had cleaned the bathroom. He was caned hard for five particles of detritus I found during an inspection of the floors of the whole house after he had vacuumed. (And he had to eat each particle.) He was caned hard on his now very sore butt for failing to properly dust one surface to perfection, I found during an inspection of the whole house after he had dusted.

After my evening meal, it was day 2 of his high heels training. As on the previous day (see below), [I chained him up to a beam in the ceiling of my sitting room. He was wearing a straight jacket and his heels and a blindfold, gag and posture collar. Chains secured him to the D-ring in the beam from the sides of the posture collar and from the shoulders of the straightjacket. He could not fall, but 99% of his weight was in his shoes.]

I informed him that I expected 20 minutes (5 minutes more than the day before) and that I expected those 20 minutes in complete silence – or his very sore butt would receive an awfully harsh, long caning.

Well, it was very, very amusing. After about 14 minutes, my blind, gagged hanging doll, tried to alternate his weight from one foot to the other, then from toes to heels, then his legs began to shake, then back to alternating weight from one foot to the other etc. etc. – and all in silence. Delightful fun. He obviously could not take the thought of a further caning.

After 20 minutes, I released him telling him that I would be training him up to at least a full hour, probably two. What an upset and timid little play-toy! And there was Christmas Day to come.

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10 Responses to Christmas Eve

  1. stillettolover says:

    Thank you Mistress Scarlet for taking the time to post these updates. The enjoyment of reading your posts and humiliation of bitchboy is amazing. Looking forward to Xmas day updates.

    Thank you again

  2. ted_subby says:

    What a nice Christmas Eve! Thank you for keeping us updated. It will be interesting to see how quickly he is able to adjust to the heels. Not being able to whine or whimper would be a tough one for me, I just can’t help it in most any difficult situation my dominant wife puts me in.

  3. krnharris says:

    My, My, My MISTRESS, reading your blog is super, but NO WAY COULD I BE YOUR SUB.

    • ted_subby says:

      krnharris: I don’t think many could handle such harsh treatment. That speaks to the strength of bb, although I know that he doesn’t really have much realistic choice but to take it.

  4. boylongingtobeowned says:

    thankful for Your incredible diary, sissy slave (referring to me) cannot wait to hear of Your Christmas Day.

    This story has inspired sissy slave to train in heels like bitchboy. You are truly amazing, sissy slave only wish more Women were like you and sissy slave could hand her key to a true Woman like Yourself.

    Thank You so much!!

  5. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    On my knees to You.

    i am very impressed with the quantity and viciousness of the caning You gave bb – could i respectfully ask if this might be a result of Your recent visit to Pedestal where You where so taken by the amount males where having to endure canings?

    Might it therefore be that bb is in for an even harsher regime from now on?

    Thank You Ma’am.)

    Kneeling respectfully at Your feet Ma’am.

    • Several events, including Pedestal, over the last few months have led to me becoming more cruel than I could have imagined in the past and the regime is now at its harshest ever and I think it will become harsher. This Christmas Day on which I will post an entry is an example!

      • servileslave says:

        Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

        On my knees before You

        Very respectfully Ma’am – all power to Your elbow! It is my humble opinion Mistress Scarlet that cruelty begets cruelty and it simply and very naturally intensifies. i think once a Woman tastes Her delight in sadism towards a male and perceives its helplessness, Her hunger will never abate and within those who are of a sadistically Supremacist outlook the male becomes exposed for the pathetic creature it is thus deservedly provoking greater and greater sadism and cruelty.

        males deserve it and You Mistress Scarlet deserve every moment of YOUR pleasure.

        my admiration for You simply deepens and deepens.

        At Your feet Mistress Scarlet.

  6. Make him stand on one leg,

  7. sissy jamieanne says:

    For most, Christmas Eve and Christmas day are a time for celebration and relaxation, but of course for Your slave…routine carries on…much hard labour, house cleaning, caning and high-heel training. This truly shows Your dedication to keep Your bb in his place at all times, and exemplifies why You are simply the best…You are clearly NOT playing games!

    In respect and awe,

    sissy jamieanne

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