Monthly Archives: January 2013

Can’t stop playing with the trinkets

I came across a new diversion which I have become smitten by and which may be a little complicated to explain. I have bitch-boy kneeling at one end of the sofa, head overhanging the end. His shaved sensitive boys bits are pulled through his legs and his thighs are then clamped together and bound just above the knee. His ankles and wrists are bound together. He is blindfolded and gagged and has silicon ear plugs.

I sit on the upturned soles of his feet, (his toes are pointed back). I then watch TV or make phone calls and, without raising my elbow from my lap, I can absentmindedly play with his sensitive, shaved boy’s bits, which protrude (with no doubt a very awkward feeling) out between the backs of his clamped together thighs.

Before I had first set him up so, I thought I would just occasionally play with the bundle of sensitive trinkets while I sat there. I find however that I cannot leave them alone and play just about continuously! I can spend up to two hours doing so.

I have particularly enjoyed watching foreign language programs and films (which, by the way, I become fully engrossed in) knowing that even if sounds are penetrating bitch-boy’s ear plugs, he can make no sense of them. So his bound-immobile, blind, gagged, sexually desperate world has nothing to focus on but the constant touch of my fingers. Sometimes teasing and caressing, sometimes squeezing, sometimes pumping away for a while on his stiff little pee-pee, sometimes sharp nails scratching and stabbing.

I recommend this very decadent use of your toy ladies!

Maid Home Alone

I was out all day last Saturday. I left bitch-boy with a long list of chores and he was locked into his pink frilly sissy maid’s uniform and locked into his white Mary Jane shoes. He also wore several other humiliating adornments and, of course, his penis restraint! He did look cute/ridiculous. I used unique numbered plastic padlocks so that in a dire emergency he could remove the garb. He had to take a photo of himself, each hour on the hour and email it to my hotmail account so I could check (if I chose to) that he was in his humiliating attire for the whole day, including his frilly maid’s hat and that his socks were nicely pulled up his thighs.

When I arrived home, after being out for over eight hours, there was lots more fun, his ordeal was far from over. I loved chatting and relaxing while I was out enjoying myself, thinking of his woe. The full telling is definitely going into the now half completed volume 5 of my journals/diaries.

Is this an OK post for a blog?

While drafting a reply to a comment from Gareth on my post : More Christmas Presents!, it dawned on me that, like a number of bloggers, I am listed on several contact sites, continuing to make contact with others with a view to optimising my lifestyle. But I have not spelt out on my blog the nature of the contacts I seek. Does this miss an opportunity?

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have two preferences for third parties. Firstly, cruel dominant women who will make up a threesome and join me in putting bitch-boy through subjugating experiences, and secondly, submissive/slave women who are lesbian/bi-sexual and who would never meet bitch-boy (unless they wished to).

Regarding the dominant women, if they have a partner, I am happy to visit them on my own to make up a threesome and then they can reciprocate.

This is my Informed Consent profile.

I wonder if I break some blogging protocol by providing this information because I rarely see other bloggers posting on this matter?