Is this an OK post for a blog?

While drafting a reply to a comment from Gareth on my post : More Christmas Presents!, it dawned on me that, like a number of bloggers, I am listed on several contact sites, continuing to make contact with others with a view to optimising my lifestyle. But I have not spelt out on my blog the nature of the contacts I seek. Does this miss an opportunity?

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have two preferences for third parties. Firstly, cruel dominant women who will make up a threesome and join me in putting bitch-boy through subjugating experiences, and secondly, submissive/slave women who are lesbian/bi-sexual and who would never meet bitch-boy (unless they wished to).

Regarding the dominant women, if they have a partner, I am happy to visit them on my own to make up a threesome and then they can reciprocate.

This is my Informed Consent profile.

I wonder if I break some blogging protocol by providing this information because I rarely see other bloggers posting on this matter?

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4 Responses to Is this an OK post for a blog?

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Very respectfully, it seems perfectly right for You to put Your requirements and interests in this blog, which after all is entirely about YOU. They are implicit for anyone who follows Your writings anyhow – but maybe put up some sort of header that is permanently present and evident no matter what page someone is looking at and makes it very clear what YOU are looking for in terms of Females – either cruel acquaintances or potential submissive/slave partners.

    If it helps You find the long term romantic/slave partner that Your life may so need then i wish You the very best in finding her.

    Very respectfully and at Your feet


  2. tedsubby says:

    Mistress Scarlet. I believe that this is a very valid post for a blog. I sometimes see posts on other blogs with comments about looking for a partner, and it can be included within a post or many posts about other topics or on its own such as this.

  3. vinoth says:

    look for femdom buyer

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