Can’t stop playing with the trinkets

I came across a new diversion which I have become smitten by and which may be a little complicated to explain. I have bitch-boy kneeling at one end of the sofa, head overhanging the end. His shaved sensitive boys bits are pulled through his legs and his thighs are then clamped together and bound just above the knee. His ankles and wrists are bound together. He is blindfolded and gagged and has silicon ear plugs.

I sit on the upturned soles of his feet, (his toes are pointed back). I then watch TV or make phone calls and, without raising my elbow from my lap, I can absentmindedly play with his sensitive, shaved boy’s bits, which protrude (with no doubt a very awkward feeling) out between the backs of his clamped together thighs.

Before I had first set him up so, I thought I would just occasionally play with the bundle of sensitive trinkets while I sat there. I find however that I cannot leave them alone and play just about continuously! I can spend up to two hours doing so.

I have particularly enjoyed watching foreign language programs and films (which, by the way, I become fully engrossed in) knowing that even if sounds are penetrating bitch-boy’s ear plugs, he can make no sense of them. So his bound-immobile, blind, gagged, sexually desperate world has nothing to focus on but the constant touch of my fingers. Sometimes teasing and caressing, sometimes squeezing, sometimes pumping away for a while on his stiff little pee-pee, sometimes sharp nails scratching and stabbing.

I recommend this very decadent use of your toy ladies!

42 thoughts on “Can’t stop playing with the trinkets

  1. Hi Mistress Scarlet,

    I don’t know why we never found your blog before. Very well done! You’ve been added to our blog roll.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  2. I have never seen that dynamic before, seems wicked! (i.e. good!) My dominant wife likes to wear headphones as she watches TV so I can’t hear what is going on as she has me sit on the floor and face away from the TV to rub and lotion her feet or just serve as her footstool, and the added torment you describe would be even more intense of a feeling of being used.

  3. Ms Scarlet, i can relate to how bitch boy must feel, suffering, immobile at the whim of your amusement. My beautiful girlfriend has recently taken to strapping me down, spreadeagled and naked in our attic. For as many hours as she decides i lay shivering in the freezing cold and total darkness while she relaxes and chats with her mum.
    Being bound and deprived of senses, suffering like this pushes me ever more into submission to her supremacy.


  4. Thank you Ms Scarlet…yes i’m sure you would both get a long very well as true Female Supremacists. Nicola is quite an old fashioned girl in so many ways, quite rightly, expecting nothing less than good manners and polite behavior from men, but at the same time she is a very modern confident woman sharing extreme pro-female views with her mother and sister. Punishing me physically amuses her and recently she has been pushing me mentally to the limit, showing me proof that she has been enjoying sex with a younger man.


    1. Oh yes, we would get along!
      You are very lucky to be experiencing true submission to a superior being. If your luck continues, she might expose your shared lifestyle to her like-minded sister and mother.

  5. Thank you Ms Scarlet, I am pleased to report that we all live under the same roof…and her sister and mother are not only aware but play a big part in my compliance to total Female Rule.


    1. Oh delightful. Two or more dominant women using/ abusing/ exploiting a male is my most favourite pastime of all. I would be interested to hear more about your life if you are allowed to pass that on.

      1. Thank you Ms Scarlet, my girlfriend is happy for me to tell you anything you want to know about our home life, her mother and sister. Our relationship spans back over twenty years and it was only my willingness to live totally oppressed by Nicola and later on her mother and sister, who are reluctant to accept men at the best of times, that we are still together today.
        I, of course, do my best and work hard at home, but although i do think i’m very domesticated, mistakes are not tolerated and do earn me punishments, physical and mental. Right from the start I was tested hard to see if i could accept such a strong willed woman, i often failed extremely humiliating or physical challenges but i always ‘crawled’ back for more to prove my love for her.
        Nicola knows that she has literally 100% control in our relationship, even her having sex with other men, doesn’t make the slightest difference, I love her totally and remain at her feet.


      2. Thank you Ms Scarlet, I realize that I’m in a privileged position living with three strong, intelligent women and I try not to put a foot wrong, but sometimes it seems I am picked on just for being the wrong sex. I can’t communicate on the same level as three women and they seem to enjoy this fact. Mistakes are always put down to the fact I am only a man.
        Physical punishment usually means being locked outside naked for the night, Nicola has always favored this as she enjoys me shivering in the freezing cold and rain while she is tucked up in the warm, a night outside was her very first punishment for me many years ago when I failed a dare. Nicola likes to play games, set me tasks and if i fail in her eyes, i am punished. Being tied down in the attic overnight unable to move and staying silent is also favorite. Not so much recently but earlier in our relationship beating my balls was used to punish me.
        I do most of the housework yes, I enjoy cleaning especially the kitchen and bathrooms which I check everyday. Vacuuming and window cleaning I usually do Saturdays but we have a notice board in the kitchen and Nicola’s mother lists any extra chores that need doing.
        I have never had to wear any shame clothing no, but any punishments always mean stripping completely naked, often with her mother and sister here.


  6. Thank you Ms Scarlet, I’m glad to read that you approve totally with Nicola and her families pro-female beliefs and lifestyle. I would not want to be anywhere else than living under their strict rules.


  7. If this is what makes you happy and pleases you then bitch boy is serving his purpose. I would love to serve my wife this way but she will have NO part of this lifestyle.

  8. What an incredible reward! I would find it hard not to submit to anuone offering this type of reward. Your little bitch boy is so fucking lucky.

      1. Just reading Your words…”the future laid out for him” sent shivers down my spine! You are a most capable sadist as Your readers and admirers have come to learn, so i fully understand why bitchboy might well be “frightened and upset” by the thoughts!

  9. Perhaps he is consciously frightened and upset as you say MsScarlet though as a true sub, unconsciously as you have noted before, he no doubt feels soulful satisfaction at many levels with his fate:)

  10. Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    One refinement that You might want to consider for when You are amusing Yourself with bitch-boy this way is to add one new element to his bondage outfit. Record yourself discussing various forms of torture and punishments that You have used in the past, or will be using on him in the future, especially new ideas or concepts that You are researching or formulating in Your mind. Make sure that the recording is at least 30 minutes in length. Put that recording on an MP3 player, cell phone, etc. and then put a pair of ear buds in bitch-boys ears, prior placing a leather hood over his head and gagging him. The put the recording on to play in an infinite loop using the “Repeat” function on the player. This will drown out any background noise, and drive bitch-boy nuts at the same time just thinking about tortures that may be awaiting him in the not too distant future!

    1. I have a choice of easy options for aural control using ear inserts ear phones. I have posted about these. White noise for TSD bondage from You Tube. Disney Princess stories from You Tube for when he plays with his dolls and I am on the phone, etc. You Tube is via Wifi so easy – no recording needed. And so for playing with his trinkets, zero sound, or a foreign language works well and is simple. I like your idea but its a lot of effort compared to what I do already – which is so effective.

  11. Mistress Scarlet, one option that would simplify the process of recording would be to make an actual recording of what You are doing to bitch-boy while You are doing it to him live. That would have the added benefit of You describing what You are doing, and You can also describe the effect it is having on him and he can hear his own screams and moans. Then when it is played back he will be re-living that particualr session all over again!

  12. Oh Goddess Scarlet! i’m sure in bb’s near perpetual state of denial, this playing of Yours is at once pure heaven and torture! Even though he knows he’s not likely to have an orgasm at the end of Your little diversion, it still tantalises, teases and feels incredible, i’m sure! i confess that my own little, sissy clitty strained in it’s plastic prison as i read this entry!


    sissy jamieanne

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