Another typical workday morning

Bitch-boy woke me at the time instructed with a cup of tea in bed. Bitch-boy made my lunch and cleaned my boots while I showered. Bitch-boy worshipped my arse while I did my make-up. I locked a leather collar around Bitch-boy’s neck, secured with a uniquely numbered plastic padlock. He would have to wear high necked apparel the whole day.

When I was ready to leave, he stripped naked, (apart from chastity tube and collar – both locked on) and knelt and kissed the cleaned boots I was now wearing, until I told him to stop. Despite him having done this thousands of times, I continue to get a lovely warm feeling of power and ownership while, naked, he kisses my footwear. Will I ever lose that satisfying potent feeling during this ritual? I doubt it.

I gave him a list of jobs to be done that day. He then quickly dressed and carried my bags to my car. Another typical workday morning – one of the reasons I love my life so much.

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13 Responses to Another typical workday morning

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    At Your feet.

    While i completely understand Your point that bb truly hates much of the way You use and abuse him – that to me seems perfectly natural and proper – the compensations, part of what makes it all so so worth it is precisely what You have described this morning. Not just the intimate oral worship of Your Divine arse – what must be an extraordinarily fulfilling privilege for him, but making and preparing Your breakfast and lunch and then naked worshipping those boots that encase the feet and legs of such a powerful Woman and Goddess.

    i envy him everything about his life as YOUR slave, no matter how terrible it at times may be – absolutely envy.

    With admiration, respect and distant adoration.

    Kneeling humbly at Your beautiful feet

  2. Mistress Scarlet,

    This is a Wonderful mean and wicked keeping for Bitch-Boys day to day suffering. It must be very subjugating for Bitch-Boy to clean you boots every morning and to kiss your cleaned boots before you are ready to live, on his knees naked only wearing chastity tube and collar. I am looking forward to your Journal 5 and maybe even to a new novel one day?

    Mistress Scarlet, I would also like to request and inform you on the following personal matter.
    First I would like to inform you that I am showing some of your pictures from your tumbler site on my personal profile on FetLife, that of course with the notice to you Blog and they are made by Mistress Scarlet. If you would mind and disallow me, I will of course delete them.

    My second request to you, if I may ask Mistress Scarlet is regarding chastity. Without going too much into details I currently use two chastity devices. The thing is that I can have relief and orgasms (mostly ruined) in either of them without too much effort. Why do I tell you this Mistress Scarlet? Because I really hope you might give me some suggestion and information. My manhood is I would say a little below average.

    At the very beginning of your Bog posts you reported on the subject as well as in your first Journal. You also uploaded a picture showing the chastity device Bitch-boy is wearing. But I don’t really fully understand how the device is made and how it works in the daily routine? Also I think I understand that I really would have to get a frenum piercing?

    I understand fully that this question is maybe to personal to ask and therefore I would totally understand if you do not replay to my question. But I really hope you may answer me. Just in case you may also have a FetLife account I would be very happy if you message to my account: patentleather

    Keep up the good work!
    All the best and kind regards,

    • I do not know of any device which is 100% full-proof unless a penis piercing is involved. It does not have to be a frenum piercing however.

      Prince Albert piercings can be used or a foreskin piercing together with a perineum piercing. BTW, uncircumcised men like bitch-boy can have a simple frenum piercing through the skin (when the foreskin is pulled back). Circumcised men have to have quite a serious piercing through the meat of the shaft if they want a frenum piercing.

      There is some good information here from Mistress Lori.

  3. Hello Mistress Scarlet,
    I have extinguished your pictures from my FelLife account. I understand my question to you also was way too private and I would like to apologize.
    Kind regards,

  4. sam says:

    This is just great. I am just wondering, what type of car you are driving? And, have you ever transported him in the trunk?

  5. carl says:

    Hi Ms Scarlet,
    Does this sort of thing happen every day? Or does b b sometimes sleep in? And my other question is If he is suffering an illness do you let him off his morning duties?

    • It happens every day unless he is so ill that I think my regime will inhibit his speedy recovery. When it comes to a cough/cold/flu illness he has picked up, I have to carefully judge the balance between spoiling him (and reducing his sense of subjugation) and healing him. I always want him in top health because his life his challenging! So I ease up, if that is required to get him back to top health. A simple cough or cold however, does not inhibit my regime!

  6. Mistress Scarlet,

    At the beginning I wish to thank you for the matter-of-fact way and rewarding response to my concern. As I see it, real chastity can only work if it is safe and in the hands of a capable Mistress. I was looking for a way to keep myself better under control without my Mistress particularly because I don’t have one. But also I wanted to know if you can give some advice and your thoughts on how real chastity might work particularly the technical aspects. Thank you for educational clarification. I know from other forums for many it is a never ending topic to find a “save” device. I know Bitch Boy made you one itself and from what you are letting us know it fits perfectly. In the past I was looking and gathering information for devices without a penis piercing. This far and no further since you have told me you don’t know any device that would work 100% full-proof. I will nearby read more about this topic on “Mistress Lori.”

    If I may ask Mistress Scarlet, does bitch boys long term abstinence reduces his addictive behavior towards you or do you notice signals towards impotence?

    Off cause I have uploaded you images again and also made a small introducing about you Mistress Scarlet, thank you to allow me to do so. I don’t believe many will see them, although FetLife is first of all a place about learning and exchanging ideas. I don’t want to add everybody to my friends list but certainly I would add you Mistress Scarlet. My Profile is personal and may also serve a Mistress as a form of visiting card.

    With my kindest regards,
    submissive servant

    • bitch-boy’s chastity regime changes from time to time. Currently he gets to cum between once every two weeks to five weeks. His denial increses his worship of, and addiction to me. He is the opposite of impotent, whatever that might be called!

  7. sissy jamieanne says:

    A wonderful daily routine that any male would be privileged to be allowed! bb is indeed a privileged slave!

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