Stuck in a rut (A good rut!)

For the third weekend running, a five hour afternoon was taken up with the same routine. Am I stuck in rut?
First – playing with the trinkets, Second – sensory deprivation bondage punctuated with cock teasing and torture. Both of these pleasures have featured in posts before.

Playing with the trinkets – I have bitch-boy kneeling at one end of the sofa, head overhanging the end. His shaved sensitive boys bits are pulled back through his legs and his thighs are then clamped together and legs bound tightly just above the knee. His ankles and wrists are bound together. He is blindfolded and gagged and has silicon ear plugs. I sit on the upturned soles of his feet, (his toes are pointed back).

Yesterday, like the two previous occasions, I then watched a foreign language film. So he could not follow some diverting plot even if he could make out the sound of the dialogue. He is left simply, bound-immobile, blind, gagged, sexually desperate and nothing to focus on but the constant touch of my fingers. Sometimes teasing and caressing, sometimes squeezing, sometimes pumping away for a while on his stiff little pee-pee, sometimes sharp nails scratching and stabbing.

Without raising my elbow from my lap, I absentmindedly played with his sensitive, shaved boy’s bits, which protruded (with no doubt a very awkward feeling) out between the backs of his clamped together thighs. I just cannot leave them alone and play just about continuously! On the last 3 weekends, the film’s durations were between one hour twenty and one hour fifty.

The film finished – its time for total sensory deprivation bondage on the bed for him. Each time, before leaving him on the bed, bound so he cannot not move limb or head, gagged, blindfolded, silicone earplugs blotting out all sound – I made his clitty hard and then liberally smeared it with Deep Heat embrocation cream.

While I sat reading the papers or watching some TV, I listened with a smile at the sounds of his distressed whimpering on the video baby monitor I had set up.

I leave him perhaps for two hours, perhaps for one and then visit his pitch-black-blind, silent-deaf, immobile-paralyzed, helpless, fearful world and use smacking with my ruler, teasing and denying, more embrocation cream – and then I leave the room again.

How the five hours of each afternoon have pleasantly flown by (for me!). And his tongue and my fingers have to be put to good use almost exactly once an hour.

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19 Responses to Stuck in a rut (A good rut!)

  1. ashcbt says:

    Just love what you do 🙂

  2. sam says:

    From your description of his whimpering i imagine that bitch boy is not able to sleep during his sensory deprivation. Mistress Scarlett may i ask you whether you also deprive him from sleeping sometimes?

  3. sam9white says:

    A good rut, I agree. I believe us men being intellectually inferior to Women do not grasp instructions as well as you expect us to and we learn the facts of Female Supremacy a lot faster from routine punishment. I know i have.


    • Yes. I remember in the early days, bitch-boy insisted he would never get the hang of ironing, or successful baking. He was convinced. However, repeated puishment for unsatisfactory completion of these tasks and – would you believe it – he found he could do them well after all!

      • sam9white says:

        Exactly Ms Scarlet, a night on the tiles, shivering naked in the cold certainly gives me time to think were i can improve, work harder, serve better.

  4. carl says:

    Mistress Scarlet, do you ever find yourself getting bored during bb’s sensory deprivation ?

    • No. I would end the deprivation session if that ever happened. But during a week I can often build up several hours of internet research I wish to do, phone calls to make to family and friends, sometimes some baking takes my fancy (and bitch-boy has to clean up the kitchen after), and I have DVD’s i am looking forward to watching.

  5. mike says:

    becareful you dont suffocate him . and how about trying to show some kindness to him were is the love i am submissive male to but i would want a mistress that loves me and is kind and careing your to mean to your slave i fell bad for him

  6. stu says:

    If this is any use to you for further torment, my Mistress Miss Chambers has some rather difficult tasks to keeping me occupied.
    .1 Enrolled in a dressmaking course, where I did manage to make my mistress a long fully lined skirt.
    2. Sent on a local manicure course, not that I claim to have achieved a high standard. She still uses Her local salon. But I’m considered good enough for pedicure level.

    3. Any spare time, I’m expected to do knitting. To date I have knitted 3 scalfs 2 for Miss Chambers and 1 for her Sister Miss Mary, whom was informed I had knitted it.

    kindest regards

    • Your Mistress sounds like somone I would really get on with.

      I did send bitch-boy on a gardening course. And I think a manicure course is a great idea. And he does do quite a bit of sewing. (Shortening his frocks, adding bells, etc.)

  7. karl says:

    Poor bitch boy. Forced to endure long sessions of cock torture just for female amusement. It must give you quite a rush to watch him in the baby monitor, knowing his penis is in agony.

    Ive noticed deep heat seems to wear off after about 10 minutes. I think mainly because its exposed to the air and evaporates. I wonder if applying the cream and then rolling a condom over his clitty would prolong the torment?

  8. westfalen says:

    great way to spend your time!

  9. Dominique You says:

    Me. Scarlet, It seems as though you are an ultimate pro Domina “Mistress” in all respects! You also seem as though this is your only professional interest in life; the type of “Mistress” I would love to serve! Do you have any other slaves to interact with because I’m dying to find one such as you? I enjoy reading all of your stories & though some of them seem to be a bit extreme, they are all very interesting. May I ask where you reside; perhaps I may visit you one day when I become more financially set & we could dine or sit together drinking tea or coffee & talk about all of your escapades, thoughts & interactions with others etc?

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