12 thoughts on “Value for money humiliation!

  1. How wonderful Mistress Scarlet, and as always inspirational – I must show my Mummy – blushing already as you know what happened last time I shared some of BB’s fate with Mummy – the same thing (inflatable girlfriend) soon also became my fate.

  2. I’m not so sure I like when my Princess reads this blog. It sometimes increases her level of sadism. Ok I admit it, I truly love whatever she does.

    I like this toy. I mean I hate it lol.

  3. Every sissy boy’s mistress should have one of these for punishment. Where can my mistress get one here in the US?

  4. Dear Aunt Scarlet, i am now the little baby daugther from my mommy wife and her new husband who is my daddy. I am so proud that i am now demoted to a baby.- i am not more a man or a husband. My wee wee is now 1,1 insh and mommy is proud, becaus it´s smaller as an babys one. My new parents put me in babyeoom and i am happy that i am now a strong Bedwetter. My former mother in law is now my granny and she said to my diapers – panty diaper – like by her grandkids. So a great penis paci is certainly good for cuckold baby girl like me, right?

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