Monthly Archives: April 2013

Journal No.5 nearly ready

I have done little with my blog for a while as I have been completing my Journal No. 5. I am pleased to say it is nearly ready. Many of you have asked and encouraged me to produce a 5th Journal. So, normal blogging will resume soon and No. 5 will be published on Amazon and Lulu, etc. I will post a blog when the publishing happens in about two weeks, I hope.

As for my activities over the last month. Well much dickie-discipline for poor bitch-boy which never fails to be an arousing pastime for me. I was just thinking the other day that it must be at least four years since bitch-boy achieved a sexual release that did not first involve dickie-discipline. What an interesting sex life!

What a good sub needs to be

I answered a comment recently giving my suggestion as to what character traits make a sub ideal for a Mistress and how a sub might find one. It went as follows;

First, acquire as many useful skills as possible. Ironing, cooking, cleaning, cunnilingus, massage, etc. And it helps to be earning a decent salary. Second look for a woman who is quite independent. She need not appear assertive or dominant but is likely to be comfortable with herself. Third, if you broach the subject, be very subtle. Just talk about how you find it difficult not to do as you are told when confronted with a bossy woman. Do not talk about whips and chains and chastity. Next, be ultra-chivalrous and wait on her hand and foot, so she gets used to it and would miss it if it stopped. Especially make sure she has many oral orgasms to only a few or no orgasms for you. Tell her your pleasure comes more from giving her pleasure than sating yourself. Use contact websites and visit places like Club Pedestal and Club Black Whip.

I subsequently entered into an exchange with another sub and after three exchanges, realised my original answer had missed a very important trait. I quickly realised that this sub did not give a moment’s thought to what I might want from the exchange. His focus was 100% on what he wanted.

So I thought about bitch-boy and I realised possibly his most important trait, which was evident on our first date (before BDSM arose for us), was that he continually put himself in my shoes, with considerable accuracy, and imagined what my wants and needs were at any given moment. He still does so, and is correct in his imaginings 99.99% of the time.

On our first date, within five minutes of us sitting at a table with our drinks, he noticed I was a little cold. I had said nothing about this. He immediately suggested we move, so I could sit directly next to the open fire crackling in the large grate. I was so impressed! I think his fate was probably sealed then! Over a decade later, it is fair to say that bitch-boy knows me inside out and upside down. He will notice a review of a DVD I would love, he knows which flowers I like, which underwear, he will notice a review of a restaurant I will like, which make/model of car I would like next. Proactive things on his part that go beyond what I can acquire from him through dominance alone.

So, I add to the comments above, that, in my opinion, a good sub who would be attractive to a Mistress, possesses:

– the selflessness, the perception and, in time, the knowledge – to be able to correctly second guess all his Mistress’s wants and needs and act upon that, without prompting.