Journal No.5 nearly ready

I have done little with my blog for a while as I have been completing my Journal No. 5. I am pleased to say it is nearly ready. Many of you have asked and encouraged me to produce a 5th Journal. So, normal blogging will resume soon and No. 5 will be published on Amazon and Lulu, etc. I will post a blog when the publishing happens in about two weeks, I hope.

As for my activities over the last month. Well much dickie-discipline for poor bitch-boy which never fails to be an arousing pastime for me. I was just thinking the other day that it must be at least four years since bitch-boy achieved a sexual release that did not first involve dickie-discipline. What an interesting sex life!

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5 Responses to Journal No.5 nearly ready

  1. Hello Mistress Scarlet, Thank you for that marvelous news. This is great news in particular because you Mistress Scarlet have invested the time for your Journal No. 5.
    Reading your Journals is like a great fragrance for women. Probably my favorite is Chanel No. 5. But, transform the art to write about FEMALE dominance and sadism over man into pure perfume extrait you would certainly be my favorite fragrance. Be well, mean and sadistic.

  2. chastysissy says:

    Can’t wait to read your next journal Mistress Scarlet. Being a pathetic little gurly sissy myself my absolute favourite episodes are when BB is made up as belindakins and trained to follow the many protocols your wonderful imagination creates. I do so very much hope there is more of that in number 5! x chastysissy aka mummyslittlangel (fetlife).

  3. westfalen says:

    seems like you have bb well trained in the art of d-discipline if its been four years !

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    You make quite clear…that orgasms come with a price…in bb’s case, that price is pain…what a paradox! I love it, Ma’am!

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