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Two things

Firstly –
Thank you so much to the many of you who have obtained Volume 5 of my Journals so far. I am very flattered. I have never sold so many copies of a volume so quickly! And a special thank you to those who have provided reviews on Amazon Kindle and LULU. –Volume 5 details-.

Secondly –
Bitch-boy is so desperate! Yesterday I somewhat added to the teasing of his Tumbler task. (see post below). Given the lovely weather, I first showered and changed into six inch heels, hot pants and a vest, He looked at me with such unrequited desire, hopelessness and despair – delightful. (After his tongue had been put to good use ‘back and front’ – TWICE!), I ate my lunch outdoors, which he had made for me. He knelt on the patio at my side while I ate. I put his little pieces of food on the patio surface and spat on them before he was allowed to pick them up and eat them.

Then I strung him up for some dickie-discipline. Lots of teasing, ruler smacking and several thick coats of Deep Heat embrocation cream. In response to his pitiful whimpering and sobbing because of the burning cream, I twice had to see to myself! (listening to those piteous and thereby arousing sounds of distress while I did so.)

Then nearly two hours of total sensory deprivation bondage for him while I lay naked in the sun. When I went up to release him, I teased him without any painful torturing. I must have edged him over ten times. He was driven almost insane by the end. Begging and begging into his gag. But I did not allow him to cum. He was simply released from the bondage, put back into his restraint tube and sent down to prepare dinner – after thanking me for all the lovely attention – of course!

Tumbler account activity

For those of you who follow my Tumbler account LINK you may have been seeing the result of an onerous task I have set bitch-boy. He has not come for 13 days. He is locked in his restraint tube. He has to find on other Tumbler sites, and re-blog on my site, a set number of images within a set time (a number of days). I have decreed the number and the time. The images must be ones that I find interesting, amusing or arousing and must be about female domination. A good proportion must be of woman dominating woman.

I can only imagine his sexual frustration as he undertakes this task! He seems to know me well. The images he has so far selected certainly meet my approval. And a few of the images have given me some ideas for my future fun which I think he will find not to his liking!

A wonderful day yesterday – for me

A wonderful day yesterday for me, not so perhaps for bitch-boy. It began with a harsh deterrent caning to make sure he tried his hardest. His chores including making my lunch, (he had none), prepping the evening meal, cleaning the kitchen, (caned after for a spec on the floor), cleaning the bathroom, (caned after for taps (faucets) not polished of drying water).

While I ate my lunch – the rotary clothes line for bitch-boy. For the many of you who have already obtained my 5th Journal (so many of you! – I am touched and grateful), you will know what the reference to the rotary clothes line is all about.

Then it was a couple of hours of total sensory deprivation bondage for him with occasional visits from me to apply nettles to his little clitty. What a huge fuss he made!!!!!! (Nettles are at their most stinging up to and during the flowering period. It is currently around a month before their flowering period.)

He remained sexually denied and hasn’t cum for over 14 days now. I did not remain sexually denied – five times I did not! (Mostly using his tongue). A lovely day.

The post below provides info about my 5th journal.

Volume 5 of my journals now published

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I notice on Amazon US that second hand copies of paperback versions of my books are selling for around $28. Please note these can be purchased brand new on for £8.94, I believe. I confess I do not know the cost of postage to the US.

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Avoiding Sunburn

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. Sunbathing for me, outdoor chores for bitch-boy. He was naked but for leather collar and spike lined leather restraint strap, both padlocked on. I was naked but for six inch heeled platform mules. His task – perfectly weed all of our flower beds.

While I lay in the sun and watched him on hands and knees, I realised he would need clothing within an hour to avoid sunburn. Two minutes later, I threw his overalls on the lawn next to him and told him to watch. I squatted and pissed on the overalls and explained to him that he would be wearing them when I decided he had had enough sun. He had to come and use his tongue on me after that – I felt so wonderfully mean!

An hour and a half later and he had been wearing his damp overalls for half an hour. I was sitting in the shade, reading. I wandered over to him and told him to lay on his back. Again I squatted down and made him watch while I again pissed on the overalls he now wore. Chest down to legs. Pure delight!

At the end of the day, after he had been weeding for around 4 hours, I had him strip, used string to bind his wrists and he knelt while I sprayed him with cold water from the hose. What a sad little bitch-boy – I did laugh!

I doubt I will be using the toilet indoors anytime we are out in the garden this summer.

UPDATE: My journal 5 is finished. Just the cover photo to be taken this week and then I will publish.

Is it really a year?

Well it is just short of a year since I last posted on this topic. How the year has flown and what a year for my development it has been. I have certainly become a great deal crueller and more exploiting. I am not sure it is feasible for the trend to continue. But perhaps I would have said that a year ago.

Anyhow, the reason for my post.

zzz 0000000000000 sorazora_nettle

Wonderful nettles are back in growth. Already tall enough to use. That little weaner is going to be so sore from a purely natural, organic medication. Who could complain about that? And I read an article which suggested that the stings are stronger and last longer after stinging, in the first few months of the six month, above ground life of the nettle. So this weekend I think.