Is it really a year?

Well it is just short of a year since I last posted on this topic. How the year has flown and what a year for my development it has been. I have certainly become a great deal crueller and more exploiting. I am not sure it is feasible for the trend to continue. But perhaps I would have said that a year ago.

Anyhow, the reason for my post.

zzz 0000000000000 sorazora_nettle

Wonderful nettles are back in growth. Already tall enough to use. That little weaner is going to be so sore from a purely natural, organic medication. Who could complain about that? And I read an article which suggested that the stings are stronger and last longer after stinging, in the first few months of the six month, above ground life of the nettle. So this weekend I think.

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13 Responses to Is it really a year?

  1. stu says:

    Ouch, remember to wear your long leather gloves. You wouldn’t want to get stung yourself.
    I was threatened with this once myself, having nettles wrapped around my balls and having to accompany my Mistress when visiting Her Mother. Apparently I dared to show impaintence on a previous trip any repeat and this would be my punishment, naturally this made me very attentive and I even volunteered to wash up and clean a pair of shoes in the kitchen.

  2. krnharris says:

    I saw a video where the MISTRESS had her slave tied naked, laying on his back, legs tied up so that his ass was a little off the floor and the nettles were laying right under his bare ass. His arms were tied down so that he couldn’t move anything but his ass (up and down) and off course, down meant the nettles. Mistress straddled his face with her pussy in his mouth. Of course, he was constantly pulling his ass up off of the nettles and Mistress was having a great time.

    Have never felt nettles but would really love too. I’m a sub and would love to be the guy in the video.

  3. sam9white says:

    Wonderful Ms Scarlet, have you stung him thoroughly with the nettles yet? Have you considered using wasps!! I was stung eight times by wasps when my girlfriend had me venture into her loft to spray powder on their nest. They stung my ankles, hands and neck…very painful, Nicola couldn’t stop laughing and said she wished she had sent me up there completely naked. Luckily, for me she hasn’t suggested punishing me with wasps since…and i’m not about to suggest it.

    • I certainly would like to double-up with your girlfriend! I have never used wasps but I do not rule that out. Perhaps a narrow jar into which his stiff little clitty would be pushed into? Red ants are aother of natures gifts I have been considering.

      • sam9white says:

        Excellent Ms Scarlet, I can just imagine you setting up such a punishment for poor bitch boy to endure, even inviting your girlfriends to watch! Maybe something like a small up-turned goldfish bowl would be ideal so his entire penis and ball sac would be contained and fully exposed to the numerous angry wasps, all females!
        And of course that foreskin hard back to ensure some those stings are buried in that highly sensitive cock head.
        As for red ants! You would have him in agony.

  4. fluffy says:

    I can’t look at nettles now without thinking about the hour & half your sister spent looking for the sweet spots and methods as to what brings bitch-boy to tears the most & they seem to be everywhere i go!!!!
    wonders if that knowledge has been put to good use this summer ? and weather you have done any explorations with red ants or wasps?

    much respect from

    • I can never look at nettles without immediately thinking of poor bitch-boy’s clitty and arse. I have been usng them often this summer. Especially the sun-glasses pouch, full of fresh leaves. I will upload a photo of the pouch I took just after I had finished using it. No progress with wasps or red ants yet. the red ants will come before the wasps.

  5. fluffy says:

    Just wondering if you have ever tried to freeze some nettles, do they keep, so that you can use them all year round Ms Scarlet? Also, I know bitch-boy’s dickie gets lots of attention but, unless I have missed it, you seem to let his balls off from the pleasure of the nettles, if thisis the case, any reason why?
    utter respect from

  6. westfalen says:

    yes I would hope the red ants would come before the wasps also!…..some things might be a bridge tooo far,….

  7. sissy jamieanne says:

    Such a lovely and wonderful harvest Mistress Scarlet! Although bb suffers cruelly from the relentless sting of Your nettles, he’s very fortunate that You are so concerned for his well-being and use natural, organic products to bring about his suffering. You are truly a loving and benevolent Goddess!

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

  8. Pete says:

    Unbelievablely – I have only just discovered Your wonderful Blog site. So have started reading from the first one. I’m a huge fan of nettle penile torture. I have tried growing indoors from seeds but wasn’t too successful.

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