New Tumbler Captioned Image

I know I post only rarely on Tumbler -but I could not resist her expression!

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3 Responses to New Tumbler Captioned Image

  1. Wonderfully Mistress Scarlet!

    May I add you to my friends list if you join Fetlife one Day?
    I am curious what kind of cover you will choose for your Journal No. 5. I am so weak when it comes to expansive High Heels.


    • My bitch-boy has a very powerful feish for my pretty feet when combined with wearing high heels. I have many pairs of high heeled shoes and boots. It makes his periods of sexual denial so much worse! Delightful!

  2. stu says:

    Ms Scarlet. That coment was amazing the thought of being a skivvy Her Mother too, fills me with dread and excitment. Wonderful imagination!

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