Avoiding Sunburn

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. Sunbathing for me, outdoor chores for bitch-boy. He was naked but for leather collar and spike lined leather restraint strap, both padlocked on. I was naked but for six inch heeled platform mules. His task – perfectly weed all of our flower beds.

While I lay in the sun and watched him on hands and knees, I realised he would need clothing within an hour to avoid sunburn. Two minutes later, I threw his overalls on the lawn next to him and told him to watch. I squatted and pissed on the overalls and explained to him that he would be wearing them when I decided he had had enough sun. He had to come and use his tongue on me after that – I felt so wonderfully mean!

An hour and a half later and he had been wearing his damp overalls for half an hour. I was sitting in the shade, reading. I wandered over to him and told him to lay on his back. Again I squatted down and made him watch while I again pissed on the overalls he now wore. Chest down to legs. Pure delight!

At the end of the day, after he had been weeding for around 4 hours, I had him strip, used string to bind his wrists and he knelt while I sprayed him with cold water from the hose. What a sad little bitch-boy – I did laugh!

I doubt I will be using the toilet indoors anytime we are out in the garden this summer.

UPDATE: My journal 5 is finished. Just the cover photo to be taken this week and then I will publish.

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23 Responses to Avoiding Sunburn

  1. Donald Jones says:

    I’ve followed your web and bought all your books. And l am looking fowward to no#5. I use to have a mistress that did some cruel things to me that she enjoy. Here is one of them. She would put a pair of plastic panties on me, then put about a cup of oatmealin the panties. Then a diaper over the plastic panties and then a second pair of plastic panties over the diaper. She then ties me down in a chair and feeds me lots of water. In time I will need to pee, filling my plastic pants. After some time the oatmeal well get very creamy. It gets slippery in the plastic panties. Later my mistress would spoon feed me this creamy mess.

  2. stu says:

    I thought for one moment you were going to put him in a bikini – strap marks etc. Hope you enjoyed your day in the sun.

  3. sam9white says:

    Superb Ms Scarlet, i’m glad to read that you are still humiliating bitch boy to extreme. Do you ever have him drink your piss? My beautiful girlfriend, Nicola, likes to watch me drink from her and recently has started using a clear funnel to ensure i don’t spill and waste a single drop, so even when shes finished pissing she can continue to watch me gulping down every last drop.

    • I would like your girlfriend! He has to drink my piss from time to time. In my journals I refer to how I use a large syringe of it, when he has a funnel gag in his mouth.

      • sam9white says:

        I’m glad to hear that Ms Scarlet. I always find it easier to swallow straight from my beautiful Nicola, her hot piss goes down easier, but she has filled wine glasses along with two of her friends for me to sip and drink slowly from. Three large glasses of cold girls piss is not easy.

  4. sam says:

    Mistress Scarlet, I love you so much for your meanness. And I love you even more, that you enjoy being mean. I am eagerly awaiting Vol. 5! A suggestion for the next avoidance of sunburn. Just in these days, here in Switzerland there is high season for asparagus. If you like this vegetable, you could definitely amplify bitch boy’s degradation.

  5. sam says:

    The scent is much stronger.

  6. chastysissy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, in keeping with the ideas here how about peeing into wheatabix – obviously in a girly pink little gurl’s feeding bowl – and then spoon feeding BB as he is dressed as Belindakins restrained in a high chair with your friends taking turns. mmm yummy!

    • I really like this idea and will be adding it to my to-do list.
      I will use 50% skimmed milk and 50% my urine to make a liquid which looks like milk but tastes of urine.

  7. geo says:

    love that story Mistress Scarlet can’t wait to spend some time with my Beautiful Mistress i just want to please her so bad

  8. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    On my knees before You Ma’am.

    i have to say from my own experience one of the most potent forms of humiliation is when Women routinely use a male as their urinal – very objectifying and definitely demonstrating our place and worth.

    i am truly looking forward to vol 5 of Your wonderful Journal. i have always found You amongst the very best of writers of Female domination – precisely because it is ‘real life’ and it is always that that shines through and makes them so compelling.

    Thank You for all Your efforts Mistress Scarlet.

    Respectfully at Your feet

    servile slave

  9. chastysissy says:

    Glad you like my idea Mistress Scarlet x when my ‘Mummy’ fed me in this way she made sure to squeeze every drop of humiliation for me and amusement for her out of it – for example, don’t forget to mock Belindakins by saying all the maternal things that get said in that sing song voice when feeding a toddler – ‘mmm, yum num num!’, ‘see the aeroplane!’ (i.e. the spoon), ‘choo choo train!’ etc. I can imagine your sisters falling about laughing at this point x.
    Either a very small genuine feeding spoon which therefore makes it take ages to consume – obviously I presume as a growing girl Belindakins will need 2 x wheatabix not just one, or alternatively an oversized spoon so that food is repeatedly messed on her face and needs to be scraped off and back in the mouth.
    Sorry Belindakins!
    chastysissy aka mummyslittlangel x

  10. Donald Jones says:

    Dear Mistress Scartlet: Have you ever considered giving ever soo sweet Belindakin a enema; ”after all what do baby girls do in diapers and rubber pants? My last mistress made sure I had something to always think about. You can use this as a controling tool . You can say something like” if you dare mess your diaper you’ll be wearing it all day even if I have guest.

  11. Fluffy says:

    May is say Ms Scarlet, IMHO, So far Journal 5 is the best yet, it rocks and so does your sister Sarah!
    My favourite chapter of all time is from Journal 1, where she decides to discover imperically which part of the nettle and which part of bitch boys little clitty create the most whimpering and tears!
    So far, 3 chapters in, each chapter from Journal 5 has been just as good!
    I am now slowing down my reading pace as I don’t want to be left with nothing new to read from you, so savouring the next chapters at one per week.
    Much respect

  12. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank You Mistress Scarlet for sharing this wonderful day with us! The only comment i might add (respectfully) is that there is absolutely NO reason for a Woman of Your power and position to have to go inside to use the toilet when You have a perfectly usable slave at Your disposal!

    In submission,

    sissy jamieanne

  13. PinkPantiesonMe says:

    Totally unrelated to the original thread. I was reading a short story yesterday and the submissive was required to ask permission to leave a room and go into another. If 3 of you are there this weekend you could make bb a virtual football ! Especially if there are task that require going from one end of the house to they other.

    • I am not sure what you mean he would have to do.

      • PinkPantiesonMe says:

        To expand, because my wife found it amusing, using myself as an example, “I am done with the dishes mam may I please leave the kitchen so that I may finish the laundry? ” I have to stand at the door of the kitchen and wait for her to grant me the permission to do so. Now with 3 of you ,you could of course, require bb to fret or curtesy or sing a lullaby.

  14. PinkPantiesonMe says:

    Our house has a open floor plan so we have 2 bedrooms at either end a formal dining room the kitchen area the living room in the center and a den. So in order for me to go from 1 bedroom to the laundry room I would have to ask permission ,in order to get to the laundry room, 3 times. Obviously my wife might be busy so she might have wait until she has time to grant me permission or she might just get some sort of pleasure in just making me wait. It really is a mental fuck for me with something so trivial as going to another room in the house. Productivity wise it can slow me down in getting my chores completed and there is punishment if I don’t finish them of course.

    My wife suggested you have him fret for one of you curtsy for another and perhaps suck his thumb while pulling on his clitty for the other while he is waiting?

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