Volume 5 of my journals now published

Amazon V5 copy

On AMAZON for KINDLES – links for various countries below.

UK .. US .. DE .. FR .. ES .. IT .. JP .. CA .. BR

On LULU.com

Epub version LINK

Paperback LINK

It is published on the Apple i-Store and is available on Barnes and Noble.


I notice on Amazon US that second hand copies of paperback versions of my books are selling for around $28. Please note these can be purchased brand new on Lulu.com for £8.94, I believe. I confess I do not know the cost of postage to the US.

Volume 1 LINK

Volume 2 LINK

Volume 3 LINK

Volume 4 LINK

Short Stories LINK

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14 Responses to Volume 5 of my journals now published

  1. Good evening Mistress Scarlet,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Best regrads,

  2. armando says:

    Bought! Is that a picture of you on the cover, Mistress?


    • All the covers include a picture of me.

      • armando says:

        I thought so, but wasn’t sure!

        I’ve read the book now, and left a review on amazon. I really liked it, but even my submissive soul is starting to feel some genuine concern (rather than just envy!) at bitch-boy’s plight!

        I was curious, however, as to what bitch-boy did in public (presumably at Pedestal?) to earn the 3 month punishment you detail in the book.

        • Thank you for the kind review. bitch-boy’s submissve soul seems to be more content then ever with my current levels of cruelty and exploitation. (even if many of his waking hours are rather a challenge!) Remember however, that my journals recount mainly the significant events in our lives. Many days pass with (his submission obviously), but nothing extreme taking place.

  3. chastysissy says:

    Is that a syringe you’re holding in the picture Mistress?

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  5. Richard Bonder says:

    Stumbled onto your website.
    You spin amazing fantasies!
    Are they all real?
    Hot reading….

      • ideamaven18 says:

        Thanks for your reply! I have read a fair amount of info on BDSM. What a fascinating world. Infinite amount of levels I imagine.

        Your “lifestyle” is right out of a super erotic novel.

        I can tell you are highly intelligent. You write well.

        I can’t wrap my mind around that what you have is real.

        Quite the turn on to read about!

        Thank you.


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