Tumbler account activity

For those of you who follow my Tumbler account LINK you may have been seeing the result of an onerous task I have set bitch-boy. He has not come for 13 days. He is locked in his restraint tube. He has to find on other Tumbler sites, and re-blog on my site, a set number of images within a set time (a number of days). I have decreed the number and the time. The images must be ones that I find interesting, amusing or arousing and must be about female domination. A good proportion must be of woman dominating woman.

I can only imagine his sexual frustration as he undertakes this task! He seems to know me well. The images he has so far selected certainly meet my approval. And a few of the images have given me some ideas for my future fun which I think he will find not to his liking!

7 thoughts on “Tumbler account activity

  1. Hello Mistress Scarlett. DIdn’t know you had a tumblr. Very interesting. I especially liked the cock tied down with the tenga egg, but that looked like the stimulation might make him cum. I also liked the guy in the cage with the funnel gag and his hands tied behind his back to his balls. I suspect you might have this in mind for bitch-boy! :)

    I would like to see a pic of bitch-boy locked in his tube. I am intrigued by his tube as there don’t seem to be any like it for sale. Do you plan to publish any such pics on your blog or your tumblr. I think many others would like to see it as well.

    Have you considered having bitch-boy make a better tube, one that also encases the head of his clitty. I think this would deny him unwanted stimulation and make him even more responsive to your tender care!

    Do you have any concern that bitch-boy is stimulating himself anally while he is alone. It might be good to lock a him in a butt plug harness at times when you are gone just to ensure he is not pleasuring himself inappropriately.

    Thank you

    1. Here is a post about his tube. POST. It is quite similar to a Lori tube.

      I like the head of his clitty being exposed. It allows me to use embrocation creams on it, like Deep Heat, while he remains locked in chastity. It also enables teasing while he remains locked in chastity.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet. I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying BB’s tumbler updates. Please keep him hard at work on this. Thanks. Chastysissy x

    1. His target date is coming to an end and he is doing well. It must be sooooo frustrating for him to have to scan so many erotic images in order to select those that titillate or arouse or amuse me. So far, I have liked every image he has reblogged to my Tumbler site. He knows me well!

  3. So lovely that he’s managed to please you so well Mistress. I’ve also liked every image! Perhaps you might extend the target date as we’re all enjoying it so much? Please Mistress Scarlet please consider it?

    1. I am considering it. I have found it very satisfying that he knows what I like and what I don’t. Obviously if he were to post an image which I disliked, like say, a male dominating a woman, he would be severely punished. And more subtle things such as I like to see shoes and boots being tongue cleaned (especially the soles) rather than bare feet.

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