Two things

Firstly –
Thank you so much to the many of you who have obtained Volume 5 of my Journals so far. I am very flattered. I have never sold so many copies of a volume so quickly! And a special thank you to those who have provided reviews on Amazon Kindle and LULU. –Volume 5 details-.

Secondly –
Bitch-boy is so desperate! Yesterday I somewhat added to the teasing of his Tumbler task. (see post below). Given the lovely weather, I first showered and changed into six inch heels, hot pants and a vest, He looked at me with such unrequited desire, hopelessness and despair – delightful. (After his tongue had been put to good use ‘back and front’ – TWICE!), I ate my lunch outdoors, which he had made for me. He knelt on the patio at my side while I ate. I put his little pieces of food on the patio surface and spat on them before he was allowed to pick them up and eat them.

Then I strung him up for some dickie-discipline. Lots of teasing, ruler smacking and several thick coats of Deep Heat embrocation cream. In response to his pitiful whimpering and sobbing because of the burning cream, I twice had to see to myself! (listening to those piteous and thereby arousing sounds of distress while I did so.)

Then nearly two hours of total sensory deprivation bondage for him while I lay naked in the sun. When I went up to release him, I teased him without any painful torturing. I must have edged him over ten times. He was driven almost insane by the end. Begging and begging into his gag. But I did not allow him to cum. He was simply released from the bondage, put back into his restraint tube and sent down to prepare dinner – after thanking me for all the lovely attention – of course!

10 thoughts on “Two things

  1. Hello Mistress Scarlet, you are such a wonderfully evil Mistress! Bitch-boy is both lucky and unlucky to be owned by you. Lucky in that you are so willing to provide various types of stimulation to him and unlucky in the pure sadistic nature of your tender care! But, I guess he wanted to be your sub and that is just part of it.

    I would love to see a pic you lying naked in the sun, you body glistening. And maybe including bitch-boy tied naked to a tree in the background wearing his tube and a hood!

    Do you take bitch-boy inside to string him up and discipline him? Or do you do so outside? You must have a very private space to conduct your outdoor activities. After his discipline and multiple edgings, I am sure he was beside himself when you ordered him to put the tube back on!! How long do you plan to deny him this time?

    Enjoying your blog as always,

    1. Oh my! This is one super hot fantasy! Yes, it would be great to see you in your nude glory, while your boy was tied up baking in the hot sun. Love your readers ideas.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet: I would like to ask you if you could show your suporters like me and others some pictures of babyfication to belindakin? You do’nt have to show his face, but I would love to see what you do to him. I think everyone would like that; “do you think so? Please let me know.

    1. I will certainly post some images of his outfits, perhaps not with him in them though. Particularly items which he has been made to sew adornments onto, or shorten. (He really hates sewing, especially as he must do so sitting with a naked bottom on the nasty coir matting while he sews.)

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlett, after stumbling upon your blog whilst perving on the internet I must say i’m incredibly impressed with your level of cruelty and control over your boy! i myself am slave to my fiancee and will certainly suggest She looks in this direction if She wishes to further dominate me, something She seems to enjoy more, week by week. I hope one day to be in a similar position to your lucky, poor boy

    1. I hope your fiancee does progress to obtain the full benefits avaialable to her. In the future, you may realise that you should have been careful for what you wished, like bitch-boy now does – but such is the fate of true submissives who fall under the power of truly dominant, exploiting, sadistic, merciless women.

      1. this is so true Ms Scarlet, I ant this, but as soon as my Mistress is amusing herself greatly with the electric shock collar I got her (she has taken it up to level 45 so far) I become less brave and start whimpering and begging for mercy.

        I also get incredibly turned on by bitch-boy’s adventures with nettles that you so kindly design for him, but know the bravery required for such adventures, would be significant to say the least!

        respect from

  4. good point msscarlet re it really being a matchup between the true maso submissive and the true sadistic dominant who is merciless as you say.

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