Monthly Archives: June 2013

Dejected bitch-boy’s sewing

050 copy

Here are some examples of bitch-boys latest sewing to my instructions. White cotton lady’s panties on which I directed him to sew enormous pink ribbon bows that I provided him with. There are also some smaller decorations I provided. He so hates the tedious sewing (sitting with a bare bottom on coir matting) – and he so hates wearing his sissy panties. I do laugh and smile whenever I see him wearing them, looking so sad and shamed.

Some Photographs

I have some photos for my followers to compensate that I have little new to blog about. This is not because the depravity in my life is diminishing – far from it! It is because I have a favourite selection of perversities I am enjoying so much, that I am doing little that is new.

For instance, bitch-boy finds himself in total sensory deprivation bondage on my new BDSM bed at least twice a week. Spending between 2 and 5 hours strapped down – blindfold, ear-plugs, funnel gag – unable to move an inch. His legs spread wide and up in the gynaecological type stirrups at the foot of the bed. I visit him every hour or so and he wishes that I had not visited. So, the first photo – the sunglasses pouch – into which his stiff little clitty is inserted when the pouch is filled with nettle leaves. Oh the whining and whimpering and panic!! So funny and so cruel. I pull the drawstring tight and even when he goes all limp and soft – contact with the stinging leaves remains.

0481 copy

Another regular favourite. The rotary clothes line routine. This is fully explained in my Journal No. 5. It happens at least once a week depending on the weather.

Another regular favourite – lunch outdoors. The photo below is of me and it is the view of me, bitch-boy gets when I eat my lunch outdoors, which he has prepared. He kneels and I drop scraps to the floor which he must then eat. Given he is often denied sexual relief for over two weeks at a time, when he has this view of me, I can understand his sexual frustration and desperation.

028 copy

I will blog again with more photos showing other regular favourites if followers find this makes up for the absence of new behaviours on my part.