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Further small increments of bitchyness

As I have mentioned before, my life of depravity now has a core of things which I love so much I do again and again, but I do not become bored. There have been a couple of new things – see the foot of this post, but first I list the ‘routine’ things.

Work mornings, bitch-boy has to wake me by bringing me tea in bed, make my lunch, kiss my shoes (or French kiss my arse) while I put on my make-up, carry my bags to my car, etc, etc. He was not seeing any business people a couple of days last week so I also locked a leather collar around his neck with a disposal uniquely numbered plastic tag and set a list of heavy garden chores for him to do each day, including in the front garden – in our UK heat-wave. This meant he had to wear a long sleeved, high necked fleece top to hide the collar. It is the only garment he owns which does so. It was torture for him working away in the 30 degrees plus heat. Something pleasant for me to think about all day as I sat in my air conditioned office.

The other things I love so much:

Subjecting him to hours of sensory deprivation bondage on the BDSM gynaecological style bed –with visits for me, every hour or so, to tease and edge and deny, use my smacking ruler, use Extra Strength Deep Heat and my favourite – the sunglasses pouch full of lovely stingy fresh nettle leaves.

 Dressing him as a prissy sissy to perform for me in DEEPEST HUMILIATION.

 bitch-boy doing all the chores while I sit and relax. And then I inspect his work and punish with the cane for imperfections.

 Playing with his trinkets while I watch a foreign language film. See previous post.

It is regarding the last two that there have been some small variations. I have a new punishment position for him. Kneeling on the floor ankles and thighs together, forehead on the floor, wrists bound behind his back. I can then sit on a footstool and deliver cane strokes which are parallel to the floor or I can stand and deliver strokes which land diagonally across his arse. (Some from the left, some from the right, so his arse is lined with hatching). His arse skin is very taught, so at maximum sensitivity. I can walk about and stand with my shoes right next to his face (while I rest between delivering sets of strokes) – thus signifying my superior status. It is very funny to see, while he is getting in position, that he pulls his little shaved boy’s bits clear of the backs of his thighs, before clamping his thighs together. He wants to make very sure they are not in the caning zone!

The second variation is that I have now used Deep Heat while playing with his trinkets. I do not use Extra Strength though, I do not want his whimpering to be so fervent as to spoil my viewing of my DVD.

Update and Control Through Electricity!

Well I have been using the sunglasses pouch filled with nettle leaves at least once a week over the past month. Oh the panicking whining and the extensive mournful whimpering and yelping that this elicits! A good job the funnel gag is always in place. The muffled sounds and distressed reaction never fail to make me ‘hot’ though. I make his little clitty rock hard before pushing it into the leaf filled pouch and then pull the drawstring tight. The fun is that as the clitty softens and shrinks inside the pouch, the movement against the leaves continues – so more stings are accrued.

I have also upgraded to only using Deep Heat Extra Strength now, when applying embrocation to the shaft of his clitty. The extra Strength cream burns more intensely and lasts longer, so why not take advantage of these attributes all the time?

His rotary clothes line duty has also been at least weekly. (See Volume 5 of my journals). The UK heat wave /  drought has been ideal for such outdoor  humiliation.

Moving onto Control Through Electricity. With the purchase of some cheap banana connectors I have been able to attach his remote dog shock collar unit to either his Erostek penis electrode straps or his electrode butt plug. See photos below.

So now I can control him remotely up to 100 yards away with shocks of intensity varying from, stiff reminders, up to  – unbearable, drop to his knees – level. Such fun and serious control!

006 copy 007a copy

Sewing his own extreme humiliation


In the first image you can see the two sissy dresses I have required him to make. The left is his summer sissy dress, the right his winter sissy dress. The summer of light cotton, the winter of long sleeved fleece. Each is an elderly lady’s style nightdress, shortened by over half the original length and a lace frill sewn at the new hem. The summer dress also has bells sewn at the hem. When he wears either, the hem reaches down only to his hips leaving his shaved boy’s bits and his bottom on full display.

The sewing took him ages – all through which he knew what the outcome of his tedious sewing would result in – deep shame. The following picture shows, on the left, his bonnet and wrist adornments (notice more bells) and on the right, shows the appearance I was aiming at. AND THAT APPEARANCE WAS REPLICATED PERFECTLY!

bonnet - drawing

When in one of his home-made sissy dresses, his bonnet, his Mary Jane shoes and frilled topped ankle socks – he looks exactly like the image of the sissy on the right. He so hates it and I am so amused by having that mortified, humiliated human doll doing some chores, or playing with his dolly or watching him outdoors, in a thoroughly timorous state, where he has been sent out to ‘play’.

I am so kind to feed his submissive soul so well. Not that you would think that given his dejected demeanour when so dressed and when doing his sewing.