Update and Control Through Electricity!

Well I have been using the sunglasses pouch filled with nettle leaves at least once a week over the past month. Oh the panicking whining and the extensive mournful whimpering and yelping that this elicits! A good job the funnel gag is always in place. The muffled sounds and distressed reaction never fail to make me ‘hot’ though. I make his little clitty rock hard before pushing it into the leaf filled pouch and then pull the drawstring tight. The fun is that as the clitty softens and shrinks inside the pouch, the movement against the leaves continues – so more stings are accrued.

I have also upgraded to only using Deep Heat Extra Strength now, when applying embrocation to the shaft of his clitty. The extra Strength cream burns more intensely and lasts longer, so why not take advantage of these attributes all the time?

His rotary clothes line duty has also been at least weekly. (See Volume 5 of my journals). The UK heat wave /  drought has been ideal for such outdoor  humiliation.

Moving onto Control Through Electricity. With the purchase of some cheap banana connectors I have been able to attach his remote dog shock collar unit to either his Erostek penis electrode straps or his electrode butt plug. See photos below.

So now I can control him remotely up to 100 yards away with shocks of intensity varying from, stiff reminders, up to  – unbearable, drop to his knees – level. Such fun and serious control!

006 copy 007a copy

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33 Responses to Update and Control Through Electricity!

  1. carl says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet,
    Have you ever considered using tobasco sauce on the area around the head of his clitty? I find the burn much more intense than the deep heat, particular ly on the insise of the fore akin. It burns for about 15 minutes.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Sounds like you’d be having one hot summer even if there weren’t a heat wave over there! Enjoyed the post. Thanks!


  3. Cats slave says:

    Mistress has recently had me purchase a tens machine and she loves the control it gives her, making me dance at her whim with just a twiddle of her fingers! Remote shocking would be the next logical step,i wouldn’t even have to be in her magnificent presence to amuse her.
    Please may I ask, Mistress had taken to giving me daily canings but has so far been unable to leave lasting marks. She wishes that i have constant welts but they fade after an hour or so? Do you have any tips on how to leave my slave arse continuously lined? Thanks for your time

    • One option is bruising, so a heavy cane of around half inch diameter that bruises rather than leaves a welt.

      The other option is a very thin and whippy cane used at full force with a flick of the wrist the moment before impact. This can leave welts that last several days.

      Of course, I have never done such things, I have just been told of these techniques. And you try them at your own risk!

      • Cats slave says:

        Thank You for your response i will pass it on to Mistress immediately. I’m sure she will heed your warning but as there would be no risk to herself (except possible arm ache!) I doubt it will stop her fun. Terror and anticipation rule my life now!


      • Cats slave says:

        That would be a nightmare for this slave! She is quite new to this,i was brave and told her of my submissiveness before we got together but she grows in stature daily. i was the one suggesting but now it seems more and more under her control. I will try and broach the subject I of her contacting you,andy

  4. Jack says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet,
    Sounds like you are having lots of fun, not so much for bitch-boy! Your modified shock collar looks interesting! Bitch-boy must hate that almost as much as the nettle bag!

    Perhaps you could mix some tobasco sauce with your cream to make a new, hotter way to torture bitch-boy. Have you ever played with ginger root? I understand it’s burning does not subside. It can be used as a butt plug or as a penis plug. Maybe a ginger root butt plug along with your deep heat cream for his clitty might be fun!

    I am hoping you post some more pictures of yourself or bitch-boy! I would love to see more of your beautiful legs and I still want to see a pic of bitch-boy in his tube as well as secured to his bed! Thank you so much!

  5. Donald Jones says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet: Can I ask you if you play tease and denial with bitch boy?? The real game should be get him really hard over and over again and again like the movie Groundhog Day with bill Murray. He is not to cum at all. Just keep it up until he begs with all his heart, only to say no”no”no!! Then tell him guest what I”ll let you cum only if you beg me to feed you cream corn forcedfully, or something else he hates.

    • Tease and denial is a vey large part of poor bitch-boys life.

      • fluffy says:

        this boy wonders if you have tried letting bitch-boy determine when he gets to cum himself?

        with a catch – of course – he can cum anytime he wants, as long, as he crawls to you and begs for a good nettling before hand or that the key is available to him any time he wants – as long as he prepared to crawl naked through a bush of nettles to go get it?

        respect fluffy

  6. ashcbt says:

    oh god, reading your rticles make me weak

    • fluffy says:

      reading these articles,in my chaste state, my cums awaiting upon the whim of my glorious Mistress, make this slave drip and his balls ache,

      so delicious is what you do to bitch-boy Ms Scarlet.

      bitch-boy is my hero!

      have you ever let him have a voice and say what or how he feels about the bag of nettles, his paddling pool etc I bet a recording of his whimpering and begging to avoid the nettle bag would make a glorious soundtrack to reading your blog or as a mobile ringtone

      respect from

      • He is always gagged with a funnel gag during nettle games.

        He begs not to be put in the paddling pool. Like he did last weekend. I tend to ignore begging. I have made my mind up!

  7. Cats Slave – I do not have a facebook ID. If we cannot use email it looks like it isn’t going to work.

  8. Stephen Ibbotson says:

    Hi scarlet I have a shock collar, the banana pins, the connectors for the shock collar could you tell me where you got the black fixing parts to keep the wires attached to the shock device please

  9. I am a new to the FLR lifestyle and I love every moment! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog and am able to read about others adventures in this lifestyle. I look forward to seeing more! Cheers!

  10. Anthony says:

    Have you tried edging “it” with estim? Or edge then orgasm torture after “it” squirts.

  11. sissy subby says:

    Hello Mistress,

    May I ask if you have noticed a difference between the Erostek and the dog collar device when applying shocks to bitch boy? Other than one being remote control, of course. Does bitch boy experience the shocks differently or behave differently?

    • The shocks are quite different because the dog collar device gives a straight forward single bolt of electricity while the Erostek, depending on the programme chosen, gives waves, or a rising crescendo, or a sequence, etc.

  12. sissy jamieanne says:

    Wonderful post Mistress! And it seems You never run out of novel or painful ways to torture and discipline poor bitchboy’s little clitty!

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