Further small increments of bitchyness

As I have mentioned before, my life of depravity now has a core of things which I love so much I do again and again, but I do not become bored. There have been a couple of new things – see the foot of this post, but first I list the ‘routine’ things.

Work mornings, bitch-boy has to wake me by bringing me tea in bed, make my lunch, kiss my shoes (or French kiss my arse) while I put on my make-up, carry my bags to my car, etc, etc. He was not seeing any business people a couple of days last week so I also locked a leather collar around his neck with a disposal uniquely numbered plastic tag and set a list of heavy garden chores for him to do each day, including in the front garden – in our UK heat-wave. This meant he had to wear a long sleeved, high necked fleece top to hide the collar. It is the only garment he owns which does so. It was torture for him working away in the 30 degrees plus heat. Something pleasant for me to think about all day as I sat in my air conditioned office.

The other things I love so much:

Subjecting him to hours of sensory deprivation bondage on the BDSM gynaecological style bed –with visits for me, every hour or so, to tease and edge and deny, use my smacking ruler, use Extra Strength Deep Heat and my favourite – the sunglasses pouch full of lovely stingy fresh nettle leaves.

 Dressing him as a prissy sissy to perform for me in DEEPEST HUMILIATION.

 bitch-boy doing all the chores while I sit and relax. And then I inspect his work and punish with the cane for imperfections.

 Playing with his trinkets while I watch a foreign language film. See previous post.

It is regarding the last two that there have been some small variations. I have a new punishment position for him. Kneeling on the floor ankles and thighs together, forehead on the floor, wrists bound behind his back. I can then sit on a footstool and deliver cane strokes which are parallel to the floor or I can stand and deliver strokes which land diagonally across his arse. (Some from the left, some from the right, so his arse is lined with hatching). His arse skin is very taught, so at maximum sensitivity. I can walk about and stand with my shoes right next to his face (while I rest between delivering sets of strokes) – thus signifying my superior status. It is very funny to see, while he is getting in position, that he pulls his little shaved boy’s bits clear of the backs of his thighs, before clamping his thighs together. He wants to make very sure they are not in the caning zone!

The second variation is that I have now used Deep Heat while playing with his trinkets. I do not use Extra Strength though, I do not want his whimpering to be so fervent as to spoil my viewing of my DVD.

10 thoughts on “Further small increments of bitchyness

  1. oh what a treat for a Sunday morning, a new update on your fun with BB!
    what fun you are both having!
    knowing how hot it has been over here in St Albans and having done some garden work the other afternoon topless in just my shorts and trainers, I can only imagine how much BB must have suffered in his fleece to cover his collar. Shame though he can’t be put outside to work naked and collared. Have you ever put him outside for the night?


      1. you truly are divine at FemDom.
        I have not ever come across a better practitioner of what it means to control a man as a slave to a woman.
        and I have been reading, looking and exploring aspects of femdom for over 20 years now
        respect from

  2. That sounds like a very humbling punishment position. The slaves face to the floor, as we should in our Mistress’presence

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlet:
    I have not heard anymore about force feeding bb, do you still use this form of activity for your amusement? What I think could be fun is some baby food mixed with your pee. Do you use a large baby high chair and tie bb down good? And do you spoon feed him? And last, will you be telling us about the activity in your next book? This is quite a turn on for me.

  4. msscarlet i would love some nectar too. Mistress Scarlet everyday i look forward to seeing what you have on on-line and love your tumbler gets my evening started after work gets me excited and puts i smile on my face.

  5. Mistress Scarlet
    I too love reading everything you write and it seems that just the thought of going to your writings gets me very hard and I love it.

    You are sensational…….

  6. I love the position for the cane Mistress Scarlet…this puts the pansy bottom in a very vulnerable position for your loving attention! And, bitchboy is very smart to pull his shaved sissy bits out of harm’s way!!!

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