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Journal 5 now available for Nook on Barnes and Noble

My Journal No. 5 is now available for reading on Nook devices from Barnes and Noble. (It continues t be available on Amazon for Kindle and on Lulu.)

Amazon V5 copy

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Bank Holiday Pleasure and Suffering

Well Monday was a glorious sunny day here. I started by dressing bitch-boy in a ludicrous fashion so that he could get some garden chores done while I sunbathed, read the papers and occasionally glanced up at him for a diverting amusement. I dressed him in a pink frilly maid’s hat, pink Mary Jane shoes, frill topped white ankle socks, and a very large pink ribbon bow tied around his shaved genitals – that was it. He just HATED being out in the garden so dressed. It was very amusing. He had to kneel and lick at one point!

Sunbathing over, he was dressed in his shortened pink maid’s outfit and had to clean the bathroom. (I added a padlocked pin-lined restraint strap to his clitty for this chore.) He was caned when he had finished when I found a spec on the bath during my inspection. After lunch, I bound his wrists behind him, placed a white lace doily on the floor in the middle of the room, placed him on it and then blindfolded him. I then ‘ignored’ him and read a book. For some reason, after twenty minutes, this got me very hot, so he had to kneel and lick.

Then it was up to the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups. Once he was bound in total sensory deprivation bondage. I edged him a few times and then applied some nettles to his little member. He made SUCH a fuss! The nettles had very small leaves and were bushy, which I was initially disappointed with but they were very, very effective. I informed him I was going to fill the sunglasses pouch with them and he whimpered and whimpered – a begging sound of such sincerity and respectful desperation.

When the pouch was ready, I easily got him hard despite what I was about to do (denied and frustrated male subs are so ridiculous!) and on went the pouch. Despite the hullabaloo emanating form his gag I pulled the drawstring tight. I just had to sit down and see to myself while listening to the baleful whimpering. I left him in his bondage for two hours.

All in all, a lovely Bank Holiday Monday! (for me)

Perverted pleasure

Yesterday I had lots of perverted pleasure. I dressed bitch-boy in a ridiculous outfit. Exactly like the drawing except : no bonnet, no doll, a huge pink ribbon bow tied very tightly around his shaved genitals,  pink frilled wrist cuffs sporting tinkling bells and his Mary Jane shoes were pink, not black. (Perhaps not so similar to the drawing after all?) He did lots of chores and made me lunch. He had no lunch. On two occasions, he knelt between my thighs and licked expertly as he has been trained to do.

294293412 copy

After lunch I watched a silent movie and had him in place for playing with his trinkets. Given it was 15 days since his last sexual relief, this prolonged teasing made him very desperate. He remained desperate. I was licked again.

He was then put into total sensory deprivation bondage on the custom built bed and he remained there for over three hours. After my first brief torture session of his little clitty I just had to ‘see to myself’ there and then – sitting in a chair looking at my human toy. The sight of him being completely immobile, blind, gagged, deaf and so vulnerable is enough for me to need to satiate the arousal generated.

I visited him three times while he was in his TSD bondage. Each time he was sobbing before I had finished having fun. The Deep Heat cream from the applicator is definitely more intense than normal Deep Heat. Oh….. so much delicious sobbing! And he does not seem to appreciate a ruler smacking delivered just after a fresh application from the applicator!

When I am down stairs while he is in his TSD bondage, I get an overwhelming feeling of power and contentment thinking of my human toy upstairs. I read, I watch TV, I make phone calls – and all the while that pleasing feeling is with me.

When I finally freed him to prepare the evening meal he was very subdued. Delighful.

A Great Success in Convenient Punishment

Well I tested the Deep Heat Cream Applicator and it is a great success. Judging by the whimpering and sobbing I think it stings/burns at least as much as standard Deep Heat cream, perhaps a bit more. According to the label it is scented with rosemary and vanilla and I teased bitch-boy about how sweet his little clitty smelled after application. He did not seem to appreciate that? I have some tongs (see pic) which I use when applying nettles and I used these when using my new Applicator.


I should explain how I like to use nettles regarding the tongs. When using nettles I usually like his little clitty to be very hard – so my right hand is gloveless and is used to stroke and squeeze and pump – and I wear a leather glove on my left hand with which I hold the nettles. When it is time to stop stroking and apply the nettles, I use the tongs in my right hand to grip his clitty and, with my gloved left hand, I apply the nasty nettles. Using the tongs, his clitty can be moved this way and that, and the open design of the tongs allows access to 99% of the sensitive flesh.

That was a rather clunky paragraph – I hope it makes sense!

Excited and hopeful!

In the UK many of us rather cruel women mourned the removal from sale, many years ago, of the Ralgex Stick. An embrocation cream packaged like a lipstick. If temperatures were cool, it sometimes needed a flicker of a lighter flame to make it soft – but then it could be liberally applied to naughty stiff cocks and no need for washing hands. It could also be kept in the handbag (purse) for easy application in many locations where washing hands was not possible.

Well I have come across the Deep Heat Cream Applicator this weekend. I don’t know if I simply missed it or if it is a new product. It has a foam applicator and the cream is squeezed from the tube into the foam for application. So perhaps we again have a product which can be kept in the handbag (purse) for easy application without the subsequent need to wash hands, and for use in many locations where washing hands is not possible.

I will test it tonight. Hopefully it meets both requirements – (A) easy application without the subsequent need to wash hands, and of equal importance, of course, (B) burns and stings appropriately on sensitive areas!

Poor bitch-boy really is not looking forward to the testing process and I am sure secretly hopes it fails either or both requirements.