Excited and hopeful!

In the UK many of us rather cruel women mourned the removal from sale, many years ago, of the Ralgex Stick. An embrocation cream packaged like a lipstick. If temperatures were cool, it sometimes needed a flicker of a lighter flame to make it soft – but then it could be liberally applied to naughty stiff cocks and no need for washing hands. It could also be kept in the handbag (purse) for easy application in many locations where washing hands was not possible.

Well I have come across the Deep Heat Cream Applicator this weekend. I don’t know if I simply missed it or if it is a new product. It has a foam applicator and the cream is squeezed from the tube into the foam for application. So perhaps we again have a product which can be kept in the handbag (purse) for easy application without the subsequent need to wash hands, and for use in many locations where washing hands is not possible.

I will test it tonight. Hopefully it meets both requirements – (A) easy application without the subsequent need to wash hands, and of equal importance, of course, (B) burns and stings appropriately on sensitive areas!

Poor bitch-boy really is not looking forward to the testing process and I am sure secretly hopes it fails either or both requirements.

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10 Responses to Excited and hopeful!

  1. Fluffy says:

    Sounds very exciting!
    Please may you advise where it is available from?
    Is it a Perfect size for direct application to bitch boy’s banjo string and tiny piss flaps, if they are pulled apart just like your sister did for the nettle stem?
    Bitch boy was so lucky that afternoon to have your sister’s dedication to documenting his most sensitive parts when it comes to nettles, this slave boy re-reads that chapter often in admiration of them both.

  2. Fluffy says:

    How did the trial on bitch boy go? Did it make him whimper and squirm to your satisfaction?

  3. Karl says:

    Great, keep us posted with the results! Sounds perfect for the backyard or when bitch boy is on the clothes line.

  4. jarrod says:

    you are so clever finding that MsScarlet! You must of felt very pleased with yourself to have found what can only be a nightmare for bitchboy….. I can just imagine the smile on your face and the dred on bitchboys….:)

  5. Rita says:

    Is it as easy to use as a Ralgex Stick and more importantly is it as potent!

    • I would say it is almost as easy to use. Going by the whimpering and sobbing, I would say it is as potent.

      • Rita says:

        Thanks for this information as I am one of ladies who mourned Ralgex Sticks being removed from sale. What a reaction they gave and just so convenient to use, so little effort was needed to really make him squirm!

  6. sissy jamieanne says:

    How very delightful that the Ladies now have a new product that makes punishing and torturing boy/sissy bits convenient. I always love the contrast between Mistress and slave in which the Mistress applies embrocation cream or nettles or hot peppers and diligently avoids getting it onto Her sensitive fingers or hands, whilst so generously applying it (in copious amounts) to Her slave’s most tender parts…this clear differentiation of privilege is amazing to me…and makes my sub soul swoon in submission!

    In submission and awe,

    sissy jamieanne

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