A Great Success in Convenient Punishment

Well I tested the Deep Heat Cream Applicator and it is a great success. Judging by the whimpering and sobbing I think it stings/burns at least as much as standard Deep Heat cream, perhaps a bit more. According to the label it is scented with rosemary and vanilla and I teased bitch-boy about how sweet his little clitty smelled after application. He did not seem to appreciate that? I have some tongs (see pic) which I use when applying nettles and I used these when using my new Applicator.


I should explain how I like to use nettles regarding the tongs. When using nettles I usually like his little clitty to be very hard – so my right hand is gloveless and is used to stroke and squeeze and pump – and I wear a leather glove on my left hand with which I hold the nettles. When it is time to stop stroking and apply the nettles, I use the tongs in my right hand to grip his clitty and, with my gloved left hand, I apply the nasty nettles. Using the tongs, his clitty can be moved this way and that, and the open design of the tongs allows access to 99% of the sensitive flesh.

That was a rather clunky paragraph – I hope it makes sense!

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19 Responses to A Great Success in Convenient Punishment

  1. Jack says:

    Hi Ms Scarlet,

    So glad you are enjoying the new Deep Heat applicator! I am sure you are enjoying it and bitch-boy is not! Are you leaving him in his tube when you use the applicator? I am assuming you could hold him by the tube and apply it to the head as well as his balls. That should prove fun while out and about shopping! 🙂 I am sure the Deep Heat makes his clitty try to shrink up to nothing, but ov course his tube would prevent that. Have you applied the DH to his ass pussy? I know that many femdoms will do this when taking their subs out shopping to keep them on their toes.

    Hope you post some more pics of yourself or bitch-boy soon! You have such great legs, you really should show them off more! As far as bitch-boy, you should show off your sub and the devious ways in which you dominate, punish and humiliate him! Thanks

  2. Gator clamps on his nipples and nut sack 4 5-10mins Then making him put Icy hot on Those area’s will make him scream like crazy, I made a slave do That once and he curled up n a ball crying, When The Icy hot went on he went ballistic

  3. sam9white says:

    Mistress Scarlet, the tongs sound like an excellent idea to ensure your hand, most importantly, is a safe distance from those stinging nettles, and of course as you say you have such good control of his ‘clitty’. Keeping that skin pulled back hard I imagine you are very thorough stinging every millimetre of that exposed head!

  4. Fluffy says:

    I am currently on holiday and we are getting constantly bitten by midges, I wonder if you have ever introduced bitch boy’s tiny clitty to midges or other insects of the stinging or biting variety?
    Based on your love of the nettles, while perhaps not as simple or direct in application, it could be an interesting experiment or evolution?
    Perhaps even simply a coating of honey when he is put out in the garden to work?
    Respect from

    • I would love to. Especially UK red ants. The problem is a practical one. It sounds great as fantasy, but I deal in reality and I have never come across a method that sounds practical and effective. For instance, your suggestion would be very unlikely to result in a sting from an insect, and even if it did – I would not be there to witness the moment – so not that much fun.

      • Fluffy says:

        Yes I see that such a torment is way more random than direct application of nettles or deep heat to where you wish Ms Scarlet.
        I was thinking perhaps for when you put bitch boy out to work in the garden or just out in the garden, his small dicklet could be coated in honey to attract passing insects, so as to put the fear of God into him while he works.
        Or you could capture some red ants or even a wasp, place them in a Clear freezer bag or one those jam jars with a rubber lid with a slit in it, get bitch boy all excited and then introduce his stiff little clitty to the bag or jar. Clearly the bag, would give you the chance to annoy the ants or wasp, so as to increase the chances of bitch boys suffering.
        Hope that helps!
        Much respect

        • Hmmmm. A glass jar filled with plenty of red ants and with a slit rubber lid sounds promising. How to get the ants in the inside of the jar and none on the outside though?

          • Sub30Frieght says:

            First find a mound of red ants have a jar and a funnel handy. Place the open end of the funnel and scope up as many ants as possible then place in jar and repeat process.

            • Its a nice fantasy but I live in the real world. Where do I find this red ants nest? With what do I do the scooping? How do I get the jar lid on without being bitten. And most difficult, how do I apply then to bitch-boy’s genitalia in a controlled way?

  5. Rita says:

    Thanks again for this letting me know about this most useful product, we really must spread the word about it.
    I can vouch for the ease of use and the gentle scent it has is an unexpected bonus as it made it easier to “surprise” him. His whining and gyrations confirmed its potency!

  6. krnharris says:

    Ms. Scarlet
    You are SOOOOO perfect and bless you for posting

  7. Serena says:

    Scarlet, I am pleased to report I came across this product ( Deep Heat Muscle rescue ) today (August 2014) on offer in local Boots store, so I purchased two !
    Just in time for tiffany’s TSD session scheduled for this evening!

  8. Bruce says:

    Yes I have had deep heat, an d WOW does it hurt like hell.

  9. fredsmick says:

    Two comments: First Your explanation of how You use the tongs for Nettle and DeepHeat torture was perfectly clear! Second, Here is a really evil thought for a very serious infraction, say for example, cumming without permission. Have your submissive mix up a “Batch of DeepHeat and hot pepper sauce, like Tabasco sauce or similar, into a small plastic cup ( say at least 1Tbsp/15 mL) and tell him to make sure it has “Enough” of the pepper sauce. Then wrap him in plastic wrap, with only his cock and balls exposed. Give his cock and balls a good flogging followed by hot candle wax and when the candle wax is hardened remove all the wax. He is now ready and well sensitized for the application of the DeepHeat/pepper sauce ointment! His suffering will be extremely intense and will last for two or more hours. Pure hell dished out by YOU!

  10. sissy jamieanne says:

    You are a beautiful and amazing Woman!!! The effort You put into the suffering of another human inspires a great degree of awe in this sissy, Ma’am! There is no doubt of Your Superiority in all things!

    Kneeling in humble awe and submission!!!

    sissy jamieanne

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