Bank Holiday Pleasure and Suffering

Well Monday was a glorious sunny day here. I started by dressing bitch-boy in a ludicrous fashion so that he could get some garden chores done while I sunbathed, read the papers and occasionally glanced up at him for a diverting amusement. I dressed him in a pink frilly maid’s hat, pink Mary Jane shoes, frill topped white ankle socks, and a very large pink ribbon bow tied around his shaved genitals – that was it. He just HATED being out in the garden so dressed. It was very amusing. He had to kneel and lick at one point!

Sunbathing over, he was dressed in his shortened pink maid’s outfit and had to clean the bathroom. (I added a padlocked pin-lined restraint strap to his clitty for this chore.) He was caned when he had finished when I found a spec on the bath during my inspection. After lunch, I bound his wrists behind him, placed a white lace doily on the floor in the middle of the room, placed him on it and then blindfolded him. I then ‘ignored’ him and read a book. For some reason, after twenty minutes, this got me very hot, so he had to kneel and lick.

Then it was up to the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups. Once he was bound in total sensory deprivation bondage. I edged him a few times and then applied some nettles to his little member. He made SUCH a fuss! The nettles had very small leaves and were bushy, which I was initially disappointed with but they were very, very effective. I informed him I was going to fill the sunglasses pouch with them and he whimpered and whimpered – a begging sound of such sincerity and respectful desperation.

When the pouch was ready, I easily got him hard despite what I was about to do (denied and frustrated male subs are so ridiculous!) and on went the pouch. Despite the hullabaloo emanating form his gag I pulled the drawstring tight. I just had to sit down and see to myself while listening to the baleful whimpering. I left him in his bondage for two hours.

All in all, a lovely Bank Holiday Monday! (for me)

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4 Responses to Bank Holiday Pleasure and Suffering

  1. Fluffy says:

    What a lucky bitch boy!
    What a great way to spend the August BankHoliday!
    I wish I’d been lucky enough to spend the day alongside bitch boy, working and suffering!
    Am I right in saying Ms Scarlet from your account of the day, you nettled his dicklette 1st and then nettled it some by putting him the draw string bag for 2 hours, already stiff and sore? No wonder he was whimpering! You must make him a whimpering wreck most days 🙂
    Respect from

  2. Ms Scarlet,
    It IS quite amazing that a chaste duck will instantly get hard even knowing that it’s about to be tortured! That’s why strong women like you have the power!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the day!


  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    Madam…You are truly sadistic…and if i may add…a Goddess!

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