Journal 5 now available for Nook on Barnes and Noble

My Journal No. 5 is now available for reading on Nook devices from Barnes and Noble. (It continues t be available on Amazon for Kindle and on Lulu.)

Amazon V5 copy

Got to the My Diaries or My Short Stories tabs at the top of the page for links to outlet options for all my published material in all formats.

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6 Responses to Journal 5 now available for Nook on Barnes and Noble

  1. CB0Y says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    My Mistress and I really enjoyed reading the accounts of your life in your first 2 journals and are about to purchase the third of series.
    She ordered me to contact you to seek your advise on good real life domination literature so she can get inspired and incorporate
    fresh ideas in her domestic discipline regime.

    What would you say are the books that influenced and enhanced your wicked domination style the most ?


    • I am afraid I have never found published famous femdom literature of much help. The book, Owning and Training a Male Slave by Ingrid Bellemare is probably the most useful but she does display excess and unnecessary caution in a number of areas, such as anilingus. Subject to the occasional misguided caution issue I would say it is a useful book. Most of my learning came from a now-defunct UK monthly magazine called Madame. It was filled with letters from real dominant wives and girlfriends which set me on the path and helped mould me and fill me with ideas. Now I find some blogs, again by real dominant wives and girlfriends, to be of most interest and help.

      To be honest, and I apologise for sounding arrogant, it was the lack of good quality reading material featuring REAL femdom lives that got me into writing my journals in the first place. I truly would like there to be as many dominant women as possible making the most of the sub males that populate this earth and I wanted to play a tiny part in that.

      • Billy Hope says:

        Hello Mistress Scarlet,

        I came across your site quite by accident but have found it the most amazing account of real life Female Domination. I have downloaded and read your first 4 journals and find your regime fascinating as well as your and your sisters wonderfully creative ways of subjugating bitch boy. Part of me wants to experience such domination and control but meeting the right person is not easy. The uniqueness of your situation is truly incredible and I found once I started reading your journals I couldn’t stop! I cannot however seem to find Journal 5 on I books and wonder if it is going to be available via this medium? Your journals are simply the best read I have experienced on the subject and long may they continue.

      • fluffy says:

        You may already be aware Ms Scarlet but if not, some kind soul has created a website dedicated to catching the outputs of the Madame femdom magazine on line – it can be found here:

        In my formative years, I too learned from Madame magazine, indeed in due course I contributed stories, which I would be corrected on for less than perfect English by the female editor, which was always a thrill and sent me on the journey I am now into the thrills & fears of femdom. Something I wouldn’t swap for anything else 🙂


  2. krnharris says:

    Mistress Scarlet
    I absolutely love your writings and I wish that I could buy your books, but my wife will not allow me too. I am SO SORRY, but maybe someday I will be able to purchase from you.
    I guess that I just wanted to let you know that there is some of us that would love to purchase but can’t.


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