Monthly Archives: September 2013

I am a Sybarite!

Well while doing the crossword this weekend I learned a new word. And it describes me perfectly. I am a sybarite. A person devoted to luxury and pleasure. I knew I had labels of hedonist and sadist and dominant and the adjectives of decadent and depraved pervert, and now I have another word to apply to myself. Sybarite.

And it was fitting that I should come across this word while I sat in my conservatory in the early evening, with a gin and tonic, fully sexually satisfied, in a spotless home – while poor bitch-boy was bound upstairs, utterly immobile on my BDSM bed, just entering his fifth hour of being bound so. Thighs bound wide apart supported on the gynaecological stirrups, blindfolded and with silicone ear-plugs and his funnel gag.

You may think it not relevant, but I felt the word was particularly fitting because, for some reason, over the past 4 hours I had been very generous in my use of my new Deep Heat embrocation cream Applicator. Normally, I will perhaps use it twice during a BDSM bed session, but on this occasion I must have used it five times. Oh the begging on the third, fourth and fifth application was so sincere and panicky and so arousing! And I did smack the offending object with my 12 inch ruler quite a lot too.

I think I set a new standard for cock soreness for bitch-boy. However there was a silver lining for him because I did allow him an orgasm at the end of the session. It had been sometime since his last one. Oh my, how hard he came! I told him that he must like the Deep Heat very much if that was the result and I would take that into account in the future as I always have his best interests at heart.

I am afraid, yet again, I have no new innovations to report. I have settled into such a delightful routine. However, a couple of new things have popped into my head today so I may produce a more interesting post next time.