I am a Sybarite!

Well while doing the crossword this weekend I learned a new word. And it describes me perfectly. I am a sybarite. A person devoted to luxury and pleasure. I knew I had labels of hedonist and sadist and dominant and the adjectives of decadent and depraved pervert, and now I have another word to apply to myself. Sybarite.

And it was fitting that I should come across this word while I sat in my conservatory in the early evening, with a gin and tonic, fully sexually satisfied, in a spotless home – while poor bitch-boy was bound upstairs, utterly immobile on my BDSM bed, just entering his fifth hour of being bound so. Thighs bound wide apart supported on the gynaecological stirrups, blindfolded and with silicone ear-plugs and his funnel gag.

You may think it not relevant, but I felt the word was particularly fitting because, for some reason, over the past 4 hours I had been very generous in my use of my new Deep Heat embrocation cream Applicator. Normally, I will perhaps use it twice during a BDSM bed session, but on this occasion I must have used it five times. Oh the begging on the third, fourth and fifth application was so sincere and panicky and so arousing! And I did smack the offending object with my 12 inch ruler quite a lot too.

I think I set a new standard for cock soreness for bitch-boy. However there was a silver lining for him because I did allow him an orgasm at the end of the session. It had been sometime since his last one. Oh my, how hard he came! I told him that he must like the Deep Heat very much if that was the result and I would take that into account in the future as I always have his best interests at heart.

I am afraid, yet again, I have no new innovations to report. I have settled into such a delightful routine. However, a couple of new things have popped into my head today so I may produce a more interesting post next time.



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14 Responses to I am a Sybarite!

  1. stu says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet

    Yes the perfect life for you, living the wonderful life of luxury. I hope your BB was grateful for his eventual release. My own Mistress once kept me frustrated for 30 days once, when I was allowed to release with Her very light touching. It was accompanied by describing in detail to me how I would be required to sew a skirt for Her Sister. After I was then told, I can’t believe that would make you so excited – just couldn’t win that one.


  2. Rita says:

    Was your decision to give him extra coats of Deep Heat due to the ease of use with the applicator? Its certainly encouraging me to use more cream!

  3. Suzanne says:


    Sybarite….Sounds so much better than being a “spoiled bitch!”
    Thanks. I feel better about myself already 🙂


  4. fluffy says:

    You are simply a Goddess to this slave Ms Scarlet, your posts and books equally thrilling, inspiring and down right scary 🙂
    It is this slave’s birthday w/e and it struck me, oh I wonder what Ms Scarlet does for Bitch Boy on his birthday? does he get respite or extra meaness?

    • For his birthday, he normally gets one day of a big treat away from home somewhere followed by two very harsh days which include hours of mind numbing chores among other humiliations and torments. It is his only special day of the year. All Bank holidays and our anniversary and my birthday every day of Christmas I make especially hard for him. Christmas also involves hours of mind numbing chores among other humiliations and torments. I treat all these times as special opportunities to really drive home to him that he is A SLAVE and therefore does not get ‘days off’.

      • sissy jamieanne says:

        Mistress Scarlet…the last sentence in Your reply here is the most moving and inspirational to this sissy…”I treat all these times as special opportunities to really drive home to him that he is A SLAVE and therefore does not get ‘days off’”. Slaves do NOT get days off, and nor should they…in fact, holidays from the workplace should simply mean more time to serve and suffer for Goddess!

        In awe of You,

        sissy jamieanne

  5. fluffy says:

    I love the way BitchBoy is put to work with his chores, in fact I would love to be down there on hands & knees, working along side him! But i love it even more how you follow his Birthday treat with extra harsh days and mind numbing chores – all the better to appreciate his time serving you either in person or as the subject of your meaness
    much respect

  6. Jack says:

    Ms Scarlet, it does sound as though you enjoy your life of luxury as well as being a sadist! BB on the other hand lives a life of servitude, humiliation and pain. If it was not what he wanted, he could always leave.

    Your binding bed does sound delicious and scary. I would still love to see a pic of him bound helplessly to the bondage bed, penis on fire from the deep heat and you squatting over the funnel gag, feeding him some of your sweet nectar!!! 🙂

    You never mention if you pay any attention to his balls or ass. Do you apply the deep heat to either and do you tie or beat his balls also? Thank you.

    • It may sound odd, but I like all the discomfort to be focused on his little member. I want him to associate that with his submission and subjugation.

      I do use butt plugs on him, especially the inflatable one.

  7. westfal says:

    another hot episode for poor BB indeed!

  8. westfalen says:

    So good MsScarlet that your relationship with b-b has progressed to such a state that you can translate and sublimate your any- time- feeling- bitchiness into increased torture and torments for him:)

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