Volume 5 now available in the iTunes book store

I have had many requests that I can now, at last, respond to. Volume 5 of my journals is finally available in the iTunes Bookstore! Or the Apple bookstore – I am not even sure what it is called!  Readable with iPads, later iPhones and some iPods. I am unable to provide a link into the Apple store but if you search for Mistress Scarlet in the Store under the Books tab it comes up together with my other published material.

Amazon V5 copy

10 thoughts on “Volume 5 now available in the iTunes book store

  1. Hello Mistress Scarlet – following your blog message on 16 th September I have down downloaded Volume 5 from I tunes, and read it within 2 days! What a wonderfully inventive mind you have in your total mental and physical subjugation of your slave and what an amazing existence that many submissives must fantasise about! Please keep writing, I can’t wait for Volume 6! And do you know if there are any other real life Mistresses who write about their experiences in the same way? I have never found any.


    Billy Hope.

    1. not like Ms Scarlet there isn’t!
      and that is based on being a reader of Madame in a World of Fantasy from the early 90s, when I discovered the wonderful world of femdom and seeking ever since
      though I can recommend a fair few fictional accounts but to date, nothing comes close to the real femdom journals of Ms Scarlet

  2. Love the costuming and the way he is made to explain it and add details as “suggested” by Your Visitors! Did he ever get the Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit,, or some other “masculine” one? Praises to You, Mistress Scarlet!

  3. Mistress Scarlet, I have forgotten. Does bitch-boi know how many people are aware of the situation? The other males in Your Family still do not know, correct? Thank You.

  4. Mistress Scarlet! I have just finished volume 5 of Your journals! It was beyond amazing, Ma’am. The best one yet! And I still have 5 more volumes to go until I’m all caught up…lucky me…so much awesome reading ahead!

    Thank You so much Goddess for allowing me the privilege and honour of reading about Your amazing dominance, superiority and Female Domination! I will leave appropriate feedback on Amazon as well.

    Most respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

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