Better definition of a Sybarite

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am a sybarite. Well a fellow lifestyle Mistress and blogger from the States, Suzanne – author of the wonderful blog,  All Mine, quotes a definition from, I assume, a U.S. dictionary. I prefer it to the definition I found in my UK on-line dictionary. Having read my post on the topic, Suzanne also considers herself a sybarite.

U.S. definition:  – – a person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for sensuous luxury.

Well this is the definition for me!

As an aside, I would have to say, I consider Suzanne most similar to me, from all the blogs I have ever read by lifestyle Dommes. The palette of lifestyle choices and attitudes in Femdom is almost infinite, but I find a bell of similarity chimes whenever I read one of Suzanne’s posts. Indeed, if she cuckolded her pet with women rather than her trophy-cock male lover, I would say we had been cast from the same mould!

If Suzanne reads this post, I hope I have not caused any offense. I certainly do not intend to.


11 thoughts on “Better definition of a Sybarite

  1. Scarlet,

    Au contraire, I’m flattered instead of offended. And, I thought your earlier definition of a sybarite – a person devoted to luxury and pleasure – was spot on (It’s just this thing I have about looking words up in dictionaries).

    And oh, not cuckolding my sissy wife with a woman isn’t due to a lack of effort on my part :) Just haven’t found the right situation yet.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Your stateside “Sister”,


  2. just to say i thoroughly enjoy your writing and think that you two have a lovely life.
    i wanted to make a suggestion re deep heat which seems to feature every now and again.
    many years ago my wife used to use deep heat on me which caused great pain much to her satisfaction. then one day she decided to apply the deep heat and then pop a condom on me.
    this made the pain considerably worse as the rubber kept the heat in.
    i’m too old to take much pain now but i’ve never forgotten the condom trick and i daresay it might be a fun thing for you two to try.
    best wishes

  3. Mistress Scarlet
    Well you be doing a vol 6?? I sure hope so, I just love your work. I was just reading one of your older volumes, and I really get turn on when I read about what you do to poor Belindakin. Will you be putting Belindakin back into nappies and plastic pants? If you do vol 6 I sure wish you would have bitchboy back to Belindakin

    1. I am three quarters of the way through writing Volume 6. Belindakins does indeed make some appearances. I seem to have become so extreme of late that I think Volume 6 will consist almost entirely of 2012 and 2013 events in our life.

      1. woohoo – can’t wait!
        especially if your aister Sarah is back too – she delicious in her spiteful one on one ordeals for Bitch Boy
        having read your real femdom journals, all my other femdom readings pale in to insignificance


  4. It is interesting that as a dominant woman one of my pleasures, sipping a cocktail while watching my well caned husband standing naked and striped in a corner was described by a girl I had over for cocktails as more sybaritic than sadistic.

  5. I truly enjoyed reading the short, but sweet interaction between You and Mistress Suzanne here…the “sisterhood” of the Dominant/Superior Female is delightful! I tried to follow the link to Her blog, but alas, it appears it is by invitation only!

    Wishing You a wonderful day!

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