Funnel gag drip feed

I am not sure I have ever mentioned (APART FROM IN MY LATER JOURNALS) how I use special ice cubes in bitch-boy’s funnel gag when he is in his hours of total sensory deprivation (TSD) bondage?

His funnel gag has a fairly small spout. About half inch (13mm) diameter. I had a shop bought funnel gag first with a spout of diameter of about one and a half inches (40mm) but this was no good for hours and hours of TSD because he got jaw cramps. I am so pleased he did. The smaller spout funnel allows me to use my special ice cubes.

So I drop an ice cube made of my golden nectar (my current favourite) into the funnel and then I can leave him (blind, gagged, immobile, unable to hear and blindfolded) AND with the lovely taste of my nectar dripping the whole time into his open mouth. The denouement of each ice cube being a half grape sized sliver of solid golden ice dropping into his mouth. Each single cube lasts about twenty minutes.  Obviously several cubes last longer as they are shielded somewhat from his hot breath. Simple and effective. And he gets to keep hydrated too. I am so kind.

I have a different ice cube constituent I sometimes use but I will leave that to your imagination.

35 thoughts on “Funnel gag drip feed

      1. wonders with fear, what other ‘delights’ over the years you have let Bitch Boy savour for your amusements? bit like the food trials on ‘I’M a Celeb Get me out…’ but so much more fun for you (and your sisters?) to chuckles at his plight of having no chance of getting out
        pet food?
        scrapings from the soles of your shoes/boots?
        castor oil?

  1. what delicious choices to drip feed slowly in to Bitch Boy’s belly! and what consideration you have Ms Scarlet, in allowing him to savour the tastes so well over the extended period as they slowly melt and drip in to his gullet :) I hope he appreciates such consideration

  2. A guess at your mouthwash perhaps.

    I was thinking of an earlier post of yours Sybarite. Didn’t think that fitted you quite right, wondered what you thought of this.

    Schadenfreude Listeni/ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/ (German: [ˈʃaːdənˌfʁɔʏdə]) is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.[1] This word is a loanword from German. The literal English translation is ‘Harm-Joy’. It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. It is also borrowed by some other languages.

    1. I am a enjoyer of Schadenfreude and know the word well. I think I should say I mostly enjoy this with politicians and journalists when they get their cumuppance for their wrongdoings.

      I think when it comes to bitch-boy my enjoyment of his suffering is more simply described as sadism. And I see sadism as a part of being a sybarite.

      I think many of these sorts of words overlap.

  3. Can you show us a picture of your funnel gag? In would be interested in just how it is strapped on . Is there any way that he can tilt it and make the ice fall out?

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  5. Do you tease him with words when you visit him? Remind him about female supremacy etc when torturing his helpless penis? Or do you prefer to let the ruler and deep heat do all the talking

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    1. I adore helping other women take FULL control of their male but I fear your English will not be adequate and I do not speak your language. In addition, I only communicate with the Domme when I am assisting. Apologies.

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  8. Love the ice cube treatment. So much more effective than allowing him to simply swill your nectar down like a cold beer. I hope he’s grateful for letting him savor the flavor.


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  11. just wondering if Bitch Boy receives and consumes all his feed like this or does he have a dog bowl or trough you feed him from Ms Scarlet? Have you ever let your sister Sarah choose his feed? can only imagine what a diabolical experience she would make that for him and the whimpering noises he would make

    respect from

    1. I just think it’s awesome that Mistress Sarah (although a minor character in this drama) has developed such a following and fan base of Her own! I for one, truly admire Her sadism and maltreatment of bitchboy whenever She makes a cameo appearance…She is truly a force in Her own right!

  12. I love what you do and what you write about. I was wondering if You could communicate with my Girlfriend who has started to dominate me and is fascinated by many of the aspects You live daily or enforce on Your slave. If You have a personal email for me or Her to contact You at that would be even better. Thank You so much!!

  13. I’m sure it’s a lovely privilege to be permitted to enjoy Your golden nectar via the ice cubes, Mistress Scarlet! i know i would consider each sacred sip a gift from You! And…by the way, i must thank You for improving upon my vocabulary today. I found a word in this blog entry that i was unfamiliar with, so I looked it up…

    denouement –
    the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved.

    Yours humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

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