Photos of bitch-boy

A number of my blog followers have requested photos of bitch-boy’s TSD bondage. I took those below this Saturday, during his, over four hours, in TSD bondage on my BDSM bed. The first photo shows his head with the following. The narrow-neck funnel secured to the head harness, the rigid posture collar, the top of his winter little girl’s dress which comes down only to his hips, his blindfold, his sound proof ear protectors, (under the protectors, silicone ear plugs are inserted in his ears), the chain which runs across the bed to which the top of his head harness is secured.

He has pegs on his nipples at this point which is why his dress is undone at the neck.

IMG_8019 copy

In the second photo you can see my golden nectar ice cube melting in the funnel.

IMG_8022 copy

Regarding the rest of him. His hands are buckled into leather mittens and these are tightly secured to a belt around his waist. His legs are secured wide apart into the gyno stirrups at ankle and thigh.

I hope this is what those requesting photos were looking for.

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14 Responses to Photos of bitch-boy

  1. Fluffy says:

    Wow!!!!! Thank you so much for showing this insight to the reality of what you have described Ms Scarlet

    Could we possibly also see his penis tube please, with a perspective scale to just how small and tight it is?
    And if ou are feeling very generous, just how many nettles you collect for a session and the resulting pimples they create please?


  2. monique sissy says:

    Our how I wanted to live this way, if my Mrs had these notions

  3. donald jones says:

    Wow from me too”!! Thank you soo much for allowing us to see just how thie funnel and posture collar work together. I was the one who requested a picture. And you sure have this down to a science. I would give up my freedom to be under your ruling. You do”nt call yourself a professional but let me tell you this. I have read all your books, and from all I”ve taken in so far you make some professionals look like amateurs
    Yours turly Donald

  4. Great photos. If his frenum is pierced, you could tie some string to the ceiling and attach it to the piercing. That might keep his penis exposed and in the air for tsd torment!

  5. Fred says:

    Your nectar is really weak.

  6. Fred says:

    Bitch-boy must have a low tolerance for forced urine consumption. Personally you’d have to be dehydrated or have recently had a large meal to make the flavor become close to bothersome.

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  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    A lovely predicament, Ma’am! And I’m pretty sure i salivated at the sight of that most sacred nectar cube!

  9. sissy jamieanne says:

    I would like to humbly and respectfully add my “Thank You” for sharing these photos, Mistress Scarlet. You are very generous, indeed…and i believe You provide an amazing service to the Femdom community with Your generous blog…it undoubtedly provides both wonderful ideas to other Dominant Women and fuel for the submissive soul of Your loyal male readers.

    Kneeling in respect and submission,

    sissy jamieanne

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