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Catwalk Tease (and denial)

For reasons too complicated and tedious to describe a small shipment of clothes had arrived for me. These were special items that would fit my very small waist and were mainly for use during my erotic encounters and activities. (The see-through lace blouses however are always multi-purpose. I wear them to work and socially with a bra and vest top underneath and they are nice and fashionable. In front of a teased and denied bitchboy however, nothing is worn underneath and my full B-cup breasts  are tantalisingly on full display.) Given it is the run-up to Christmas, as of yesterday, bitch-boy had not cum for 17 days and was (and remains) very sexually desperate.

I should make clear that I take no credit for my tiny waist. I am blessed with that. I take credit for my flat stomach and firm athletic legs though – careful diet and a great deal of exercise! (And no, in the left hand image below – I am not wearing a corset.)

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So, yesterday, I monitored bitch-boy bathing and shaving his genitals. As a result his boys’ bits were completely smooth and very sensitive. While he did so, I applied full make-up, perfume and I put my hair in a ponytail sprouting from high on the back of my head. Upstairs, I had bitch-boy kneel at one end of the landing. At the other end was my full length mirror. The catwalk tease then began. I instructed bitch-boy to wank himself, and tickle his balls with his left hand. He was very ashamed as I looked down at him wanking but, typically, as a denied sub male, he was hard as rock.

I put on the first item. Skin tight, thin fabric, skinny white jeans – cut low so my hip bones protruded above the belt line. I put on a pair of six inch heeled platform mules and then, topless, I set off toward the mirror at the other end of the landing. Catwalk style, I landed each foot past my centre line so my hips swayed fully. My hands on my hips and my shoulders back, thrusting my breasts forward. I stopped after a few paces, leant forward and stuck my butt out. I looked over my shoulder back at bitch-boy. He groaned at the sight. His sexual denial gnawing away at him. I smiled and spoke in sugary tones. ‘Does that make you desperate bitch-boy. Ahhhhhh….poor bitch-boy.’ I resumed my walk all the way to the mirror where I stopped to examine the image of the jeans. I was very pleased. I walked back, swaying, to bitch-boy – smiling broadly. (Me in heels, topless and in tight jeans or jodhpurs  has always had a dramatic effect on him.) I pressed the sole of my shoe down onto his wanking hand. ‘Don’t you dare cum bitch-boy. It will be 6 months without a proper orgasm if you do!

Next another pair of jeans with the same cut but with a lightly patterned fabric. I walked to the mirror and back. Bitch-boy was dribbling a lot of pre-cum which would need to be licked up later.

Next a cream pleated miniskirt and see through black lace blouse. As I walked towards bitch-boy he had stopped wanking. On my enquiry, I was informed he had to stop or he would cum. I laughed and perhaps unnecessarily, instructed him to remain hard and to wank whenever he could, without cumming. His face was a picture of helpless desperation, bordering on physical pain and I could also see worshipful admiration. I was very turned on, such was the intensity of his helplessness. As I sat in a chair in front of him, I told him to remember that any attempt to escape my control and he would never see these sights again. I then brought myself off to a huge orgasm while he watched and wanked (when he was able to).

I tried on half a dozen more items before I had concluded my catwalk show. Needless to say, events that followed included – bitch-boy’s wrists bound behind his back and my ruler smacked away at that hard little object making it all red and sore. Another orgasm for me. When it came to getting his chastity tube back on, he just could not fully lose his erection. I had to send him outside in the four degrees temperature and freezing Easterly wind for ten minutes to get it shrivelled back to its normal tiny size. A lovely little pre-Christmas episode.


On another note, fans of my journals will be pleased to know that Volume 6 is 75% written. I think I have blogged before that it is almost entirely made up of events from 2013. I have evolved this year to a level of cruelty and extreme perverse desires I would never have imagined. Nonetheless, I still have absolutely no pity or sympathy for bitch-boy. He brought his lifestyle upon himself. He has only himself to blame. Still he does get to see some very erotic sights!