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Volume 6 of my journals now published

Now published on Amazon for Kindles and on Lulu, (details below). I hope readers enjoy this journal as much as my previous journals (according to all the very kind feedback I continue to receive). I believe the gap between publishing Volume 5 and this volume is the shortest there has been. It is also the longest journal.

An ever larger proportion of my life seems to be taken up by fairly extreme Femdom conduct on my part. It seems that when the perversity ratchet clicks a new click of boundary breaking behaviour – it can never be un-clicked! For instance, I have noticed that at weekends and holidays, when in the past, I would have chosen a walk in the countryside for the morning activity, and femdom for the afternoon, I now can’t help myself but choose a full day of femdom activity and forego the walk. When on holiday in a cottage abroad, whereas, in the past, I would have liked to spend each afternoon visiting quaint villages or browsing markets, I now can’t help myself but choose a full day of femdom and forego the other activities.  And, in addition (or as a result), my orgasms are much more intense than they have ever been!

I truly do not know where it will stop. As a consequence, I am finding that more and more of what I do, in my opinion, merits inclusion in a published journal. I guess, eventually my followers will tire of my published works, (I am already three journal entries into Volume 7),  but I am careful to minimise any duplication from previous journals beyond the basics of what I enjoy. Although of course, the many broad topics – such as enforced petticoating, or total sensory deprivation bondage, or dickie-discipline – among others, may always be the basis of many journal entries. However,  I hope new journal entries remain fresh because I continue to adapt with new twists and techniques. (Thank you to the internet and to the people who continue to upload femdom techniques and tricks I have never before come across!)

I guess if my readership numbers drop off I will know that I have written enough.

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I notice on Amazon US that second hand copies of paperback versions of my books are selling for around $28. Please note these can be purchased brand new on for £8.94, I believe. I confess I do not know the cost of postage to the US.

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Agitation Whip

Another Christmas present for bitch-boy was an agitation whip.


I was introduced to this style of whip by a great new friend and fellow lifestyle Domme, Madame Victoria. She appears in Volume 6 of my journals which I will publish within a week or so now. I am fairly certain she will also appear in future volumes as we have got into a wonderful routine of meeting at each others’ houses and double-domming the resident sub male.

The agitation whip is a little difficult to land accurately, produces extreme stinging and nice red lines. Because it is not solid, it can be used safely, like a flogger, across pelvis, spine, thigh etc. This means that there is no need to have the slave in a spanking position. So, among other benefits, one can lash out at any moment, in an instant – regardless of the slaves position. I am so glad I bought it for him. I love it!

I understood how it got its name the first time I used it. He wiggled and writhed as the stinging strokes continued to land and he did look very agitated indeed.

Minor Adjustments

I know I do bang on about playing with his boy’s bits, and I am sure it is probably beginning to bore some of my followers. However it has become a routine part of my life that I just adore, so I thought I would post about some minor adjustments I have made to the set-up.

One of his Christmas presents was a face cushion. (These are used by masseurs and others so that a client can lay face down without the need to rest their head to one side on a cheek.) The face can point exactly downward. Now, on Christmas day, when bitch-boy ripped off the old newspaper wrapping paper, and discovered the cushion, he looked very perplexed, probably thinking I had gone soft. All was revealed to him however, when it became time for me to play with his boy’s bits. Instead of his wrists being cuffed in front of him, his wrists were cuffed behind his back. I also used a double ended spring clip to cuff his upper arms together  as well with about a six inch gap between – much more helpless and immobile!

Instead of an inflatable gag and blindfold, I used a full leather hood tightly laced up behind his head. The hood has no eye holes and has a two inch rubber gag insert. The new face cushion then rests on the arm of the sofa and his face sits in that. He can’t really move his head at all because that would be so uncomfortable. He still has silicone inserts in his ears under his hood, and industrial ear defenders over the hood. He is now much more immobile than he was with the previous set-up.

So, I sit and watch a foreign language TV program or DVD and play with his sensitive shaved boy’s bits that protrude awkwardly from  between his bound thighs. He cannot move a muscle. And, as it is so often, when he has been denied and in his tube for many, many days, he is soooooo sensitive and gets sooooo hard. With my elbows resting comfortably in my lap, I just play, and play and play. An hour passes in no time! Of course, he NEVER gets to cum while I play with his trinkets and he knows that will never happen.

I, on the other hand, when I have finally finished playing and locked his little cock back up, always seem to need him to drop to his knees and lick  very attentively.