Volume 6 of my journals now published

Now published on Amazon for Kindles and on Lulu, (details below). I hope readers enjoy this journal as much as my previous journals (according to all the very kind feedback I continue to receive). I believe the gap between publishing Volume 5 and this volume is the shortest there has been. It is also the longest journal.

An ever larger proportion of my life seems to be taken up by fairly extreme Femdom conduct on my part. It seems that when the perversity ratchet clicks a new click of boundary breaking behaviour – it can never be un-clicked! For instance, I have noticed that at weekends and holidays, when in the past, I would have chosen a walk in the countryside for the morning activity, and femdom for the afternoon, I now can’t help myself but choose a full day of femdom activity and forego the walk. When on holiday in a cottage abroad, whereas, in the past, I would have liked to spend each afternoon visiting quaint villages or browsing markets, I now can’t help myself but choose a full day of femdom and forego the other activities.  And, in addition (or as a result), my orgasms are much more intense than they have ever been!

I truly do not know where it will stop. As a consequence, I am finding that more and more of what I do, in my opinion, merits inclusion in a published journal. I guess, eventually my followers will tire of my published works, (I am already three journal entries into Volume 7),  but I am careful to minimise any duplication from previous journals beyond the basics of what I enjoy. Although of course, the many broad topics – such as enforced petticoating, or total sensory deprivation bondage, or dickie-discipline – among others, may always be the basis of many journal entries. However,  I hope new journal entries remain fresh because I continue to adapt with new twists and techniques. (Thank you to the internet and to the people who continue to upload femdom techniques and tricks I have never before come across!)

I guess if my readership numbers drop off I will know that I have written enough.

Amazon V6 copy


On AMAZON for KINDLES – links for various countries below.

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It will be published on the Apple i-Store and other outlets shortly.



I notice on Amazon US that second hand copies of paperback versions of my books are selling for around $28. Please note these can be purchased brand new on Lulu.com for £8.94, I believe. I confess I do not know the cost of postage to the US.

Volume 1 LINK

Volume 2 LINK

Volume 3 LINK

Volume 4 LINK

Short Stories LINK

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24 Responses to Volume 6 of my journals now published

  1. I just bought the paperback. Thank you vvery much Mistress Scarlet!
    My best regards and all the best to you Mistress Scarlet,

  2. Armando says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I for one avidly await your new installments (I’ve just bought the new volume). As I’ve said before, your journals are really something quite special and it is an honour to hear about your exploits, whilst envying/pitying your lucky bitch boy. I shall continue to buy them for as long as you write them.


  3. Dear Mistress Sacrlet,

    If the content is as stunningly beautifuly and breathtaking as the cover of volume 6 it will be a awesome and brilliant journal and extraordinary experience to read it. I am sure it will superdooper bacause you have already proven your excellent giftedness as a true female sadist and writer Mistress Scarlet.

    Thank you most sincerly,
    submissiveservant – patentleather

  4. armando says:

    Its really great! I’ll finish it today and try to write a review on Amazon in the next couple of days.


  5. fluffy says:

    just downloaded it from Lulu – so excited – only shame is I am under supervised chastity right now, so I won’t be able to enjoy a conclusion

    respect from

  6. fluffy says:

    woohoo MS Sarah is back in one of the early chapters, for a flying visit, and she is as mercilessly mean as ever
    life is good and full of wonder for us femdom lovers

    respect from

  7. FootSlaveE says:

    I just bought and read volume 6! As always, it is amazing. I only wish you shared even more with us. I can’t wait for volume 7!

    You really should try some foot torture (besides high heels) on bitchboy; I’m sure he’d “love” it. 🙂

  8. fluffy says:

    how about some of these feet related torments for bitch boy Ms Scarlet:

    have him paint his toenails

    for when he is permitted with his inflatable piggy girlfriend before you are your sister,, when he is on all fours, condomed up and belled, have him keep his toes up and pointed behind him, wiggling them back and forth like the slut bitch boy is

    have him walk about on his tip toes about the house when serving you and your guests

    tickle his feet

    when he is bound into the stirrups, bastinado the soles of his feet – this slave once had that done to him, when filming for a femdom site and he can vouch that it hurts alot

    respect from

  9. FootSlaveE says:

    Hi. I was thinking of caning his feet; putting small clothes pegs or clamps between his toes; lit candles between his toes (pain of dripping wax and the heat of the candles); another is a “hot foot”, where you rub baby oil on his soles and then heat his feet up with a hair dryer; it leaves the soles very tender and is a nice set-up for a day in high heels or a caning (you can also take the pointed end of the can and push into his soles). These are all thing bitchboy will very much remember as he hobbles about his chores later.

    Now personally, I think “foot torture” would be being denied the ability to see your perfect bare feet 😉

    • I will store the ideas for future possibilities. However at the moment, I think dickie-discipline, punishing his arse and his thighs and the other things I do attract me more in the erotic sense. Thank you though, who knows where my whims will take me in the future.

  10. Fluffy says:

    Ms Scarlet may this boy enquire, having read about BB being put outside to the drudgery of his rotary drier duties, is he barefoot when going around and around? Also, what’s the longest he’s been left going around?

    Respect from

    • He is normally in frill topped ankle socks and pink Mary Jane shoes.

      Longest he has been at this chore is probably about 1.5 hours, although I stopped him a few times within that period, leaving him secured to the drier while I applied one or another form of motivation.

  11. Aepygon says:

    Poor boy, at the witch’s mercy. Seduced, bounded and ready to fry. :mrgreen:

  12. Fluffy says:

    Thank you Ms Scarlet for this great new publication, it gets better and better or worse and worse for Bitch Boy.

    Scary but great to such liberal use of the interdental brushes, he must quake in his Mary janes and whimper a lot!,

    And what a wonderful day you gave him on his birthday!

    I am now nearing the end of this volume and that fills me with dread, as I love reading about new adventures for Bitch Boy

    Utter respect from

    • Thank you for the kind words about my journal No.6. As I mentioned in my last blog post, sometime during last year I definitely made another of the step changes in my dominant personality that have been happening, from time to time, over the last decade-plus. Journal 7 is already over a third of the way completed. Almost every week, I seem to be embarking on some conduct or another that is worthy of a journal entry.

  13. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh Mistress Scarlet! I cannot imagine for a moment ever growing tired of Your writing…I hang on every wonderful word, Ma’am! You are the Supreme Goddess of Femdom…the best i have ever encountered…full stop!!! I must thank You most humbly and reverently for the amazing photo You have provided as the cover of volume 6…seeing Your beautiful body…Your most perfect derriere, the heels which i would love to worship and Your flexing the cane…the implement of male punishment makes my submissive heart and soul swoon with submissive desire!

    I have just started volume 6…and it is amazing…Your sadism and thus my respect and awe of You continue to increase with each amazing volume!


    sissy jamieanne

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