Monthly Archives: February 2014

Muddy puddles – clean wheels

We have had record rainfall here in the UK for months. In the countryside where we live there are floods and muddy puddles everywhere. Working at home earlier in the week, bitch-boy’s day started off by him having to vacuum out my car to perfection. I LOVE MY CAR! It started to drizzle with rain when he had finished, but I told him I wanted my alloy wheels cleaned  – by hand. (The car-wash never really does them properly.) He whined – ‘What will people think of me, seeing me doing this with it drizzling and the roads all muddy?‘ I responded, with a smile – ‘Why should I care, I want clean wheels – at least for a few yards – get on with it.‘  What a dejected expression he pulled, and image he made.

Next morning it felt just heavenly looking at the clean wheels as I entered the car – and then driving off into another rainy, muddy day. I am sure my decadence helps him be sure of his status in our marriage!