Best suggestion in a blog comment

I applaud and praise the suggestion I have received below. The best I have had for ages from the blog. So often, the suggestions are fantasy suggestions from men which are not at all realistic and/or not something that rings my bell. This idea however will definitely be used and I can’t wait for the summer – at home or on holiday abroad. I will be sunbathing naked on a sun-lounger, drinking a G&T – bitch-boy will be dressed as a little girl sitting, secured in the shade where I can see him, sucking on an ice lolly made of my golden nectar mixed with a little orange juice to get the colour just so. To ensure he consumes it all, he will be warned that too many drips on his pretty baby’s bib will result in harsh punishment.

Just an idea , totally unrelated to the above, but since I had it on my mind; You have special ice cubes for BitchBoys consumption during sensory deprivation. I think you might enjoy this idea  when Belindakins comes out to play in the summer. In the US we have these pudding pop molds made from Tupper Ware that you can make ice pops or pudding pops. You simply put a suitable liquid in the base and then a plastic holder goes down on top of the base and you put it in the ice box until frozen. I can’t imagine how humiliating it would be to be licking a lolly made of BitchBoy juice in front of your sister’s or other suitable audience.

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One Response to Best suggestion in a blog comment

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh my! A piss pop! He no doubt enjoys those!

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