Journal 6 now available in the Apple Store / on iTunes

I do not think it is possible to provide a link but nonetheless, Journal 6 is now available in the Apple Store / on iTunes.

Amazon V6 copy

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6 Responses to Journal 6 now available in the Apple Store / on iTunes

  1. fluffy says:

    sunny today in the UK – so as it is the 1st hot day of 2014, hopefully that means some great new content for Journal No. 7, like even more outside rotary slave boy monotony for BB, belled and hooded, trudging around to dry your washing Ms Scarlet and possibly even a visit from Ms Sarah to help him go faster with some exciting mischievous meanness that she excels at 🙂

    also it should mean the return of 2014’s growth of nettles – something for BB to fret over – but if he is, perhaps you could show him this website link Ms Scarlet, which details why he should treasure nettles and in fact even promotes a Be Nice to Nettles week

    surely something Belindakins could participate in with her dollies?

    or perhaps BB could be outside, dressed in nothing but a black bin bag and put to good use weeding your flowerbeds and cleaning your patio?

    respect from fluffy

  2. Fluffy says:

    This slave boy went walking through his local woods on Saturday with his Girlfriend /Mistress and got secretly excited at the sight of many early signs of fresh sprouting stinging nettles and thought of Bitch Boy being sent out on one of his missions to collect nettles for you or your sisters.

    The fear and excitement I get whenever I think of the methodical approach to discovery your sister Ms Sarah took to discovering the most stinging part of the stinging nettle plant mixed with the best application method and most sensitive part of Bitch Boys small little dicklet is still one of my all time favourite accounts in your wonderful journals!

    Has Bitch Boy experienced any 2014 vintage stinging nettles yet?


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